Venice: Before The City Drowns (Day 3 & 4)

After a long crazy 3hr tour around Milan, our legs felt shattered, breaking backs and all, we crashed into our beds at night.

On day 3, we had to wake up early to catch the 2hr train ride to Venice. I was actually looking forward since I heard much compliments about Venice. I wasn’t really feeling MUCH about Milan.



The best part of the apartment was the kitchen when wy & ant cook our breakfast or late dinners. Not as fabulous as the first place but decent enough. 


And with a satisfied tummy, we took the public bus out to Venezia. We explore around on foot and its pretty crazy to try to find our way around because it’s almost like a maze. Definitely true when Eileen said it’s a place to get lost in.



In this post, you’ll be able to spot many pictures of masks. Since Venice is well known for their annual venetian carnival traditions, there were all sorts of mask! From human-like to animal bird beaks seen like every 2 meters on pushcarts. From really cheap pricing to the expensive ones with really intricate designs. 



milan-3-11 This trip to Italy as compared to the one we did in Australia, was much more relaxing in a way because we stop more frequently to enjoy people & dog watching, coffee sipping and stuffing ourselves with more dough. We loved it!






Since everyone was feeling the romance, with the most amazing backdrop ever, we had to keep ourselves in the “zone” and get our ACTS together.


Along the way, I was intrigued by a signage that says “Who is Alice?”, so I asked the girls to go check out the exhibition with me. If you’ve not heard about the origins of some fairytales, they are actually pretty dark and disturbing. For example the original version of sleeping beauty? She was actually raped while unconscious like wtf? And the “Who is Alice” exhibits that dark side, imo. The first piece of artwork already explains that although the wings looked beautifully crafted with many hands, the hands were severed at their wrists. The irony that actually depicts tragic sacrifices of multitudes. Pretty fuckedup I say but still a mesmerizing piece.

And then there was this 2 piece of painting hung on walls facing each other, quite creepy when you take a picture of one of the pictures because u will see a tiny reflection of the opposite painting and the eyes always seemed to be looking at you no matter where you’re standing. I’m not sure if this was made intentional but it sure did gave the chills to Wy lol.  




After looking at creepy things, we carry on the journey to find back our “lighthearts”.





I think Europe is the best place to take band pictures. Somehow without all smiles and peace signs, we look like we’re posing for a band cover haha.








After looking at so many masks, I finally gave in to temptation and bought myself a pussy one. I wanted to buy it back and paint it but it’s still sitting uselessly in my room. One day… some day when I’m feeling artistic… maybe.


pasta patterns more than badminton.



San Marco was amazing. The big hall area, the live jazz music playing from the cafe, the crowd taking pictures, the pigeons everywhere, the wedding shoot going on, everything adds up to create this atmosphere that was quite an experience. We started doing our jump shots and many others followed us haha nahia…




There was one “make do” booth where one guy will be asking if any tourist is interested in having their photos taken with the building as the backdrop. We didn’t want to spend the money since we have our own cameras, I got them to pose similar to the sample photos of couples doing all the lovey dovey poses. And I actually think these are not bad lol.



Even though i always take a long time updating post, i actually liked it because it slowly brings back memories of the trip & it’s ♥ every single time.



Italian baby haunts for pigeon meat #truestorybro.





We have this mentality of visiting a place in the day and hanging around to see how it looks like at night so we pretty much hung out till late. I’m quite impressed with point and shoot cameras nowadays. I was fiddling with the mode settings and found this slow shutter function that was fabulously utilized in this trip. I love that I could take pictures of my focus subjects with blurred passerby and light leaks… adds dimensions to what may turn out to be a flat looking picture. 


If you’re wondering, i was using a Canon Ixus HS125 which is like a really old model but i think i only got them for 2years or less from Q0010 at only SGD150 bucks fuckyeah!~ Already very satisfied to be able to get decent photos. Thankfully the camera served me well.


Chingchong china women anyhow sitting & lying on floor take “music video-ish” photos. lol!




It’s not surprising that i always take so long to update a post. It’s unbelievable though that I’m finally done with this entry! It took me a month just to write this post. Partly too lazy, mostly editing. A straight 2 day post and this entry itself has a total of 118 photos. This has got to be my first record breaking image post….. until the rest of the days in Venice post comes in. Jeng jeng jeng~ 

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