Utrecht: The Place Where Miffy Was Born (Day 5)

Utrecht, a city that went beyond our expectations. Even though I’ve done some research on Utrecht, I was still bearing the “not-very-impressed”, “see-see-look-look” attitude but wtf? For some reason, it’s a really colourful place. Maybe because it was autumn, the shades of the green & yellow made it looked so vibrant & lively even though it wasn’t crowded with people. The weather, atmosphere was so good we kinda took our own sweet time and stroll. Like a REALLY slow stroll that we only managed to visit Utrecht and missed out Delft haha. I guess it was okie to skip Delft since it’s like a smaller & older Amsterdam? *Shrug*

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The first stop was the Spoorwegmuseum, the Dutch national railway museum established since year 1927.


I’m quite surprised by the flat design booklet. The layout & design was actually really neat. On one of the pages, retro looking icons were created to represent each train. Looking like a logo design book siol.

And I present you…… an awesome looking restroom! This is by far the most unique toilet I’ve ever seen. So much texture in one tiny space haha. I was seriously wondering what position I should be in when I first saw it.


The boxes below are not just luggages for display purposes. We saw kids peeping through the vintage luggages. And it was like watching a short film projection through the gaps similar idea to the bioscope boxes. Super old school. icon-heart-o


The picture below is an example of how it looks inside.

amsterdam5-20 amsterdam5-17 amsterdam5-16 amsterdam5-22

Suddenly the friends became actresses. Bidding goodbye and boarding a stationary train. #sibehaction haha.

amsterdam5-23 amsterdam5-24

The interior of the first class cabin.

amsterdam5-30 amsterdam5-33 amsterdam5-31

A retro barber shop next to the tracks.


All these classic looking trains makes an appropriate setting/prop for a steampunk movie huh?

amsterdam5-36 amsterdam5-37amsterdam5-38

Loving this picture of us!

amsterdam5-39amsterdam5-40 amsterdam5-41 amsterdam5-42 amsterdam5-43

There were 2 rides in Spoorwegmuseum that we took and one of it, “The Acid Test” was quite thrilling. It’s a simulation ride so you get the trembling seats and the whole visual special effects. Too bad the story before the ride was in Dutch. We couldn’t understand a thing that was said but still an awesome ride otherwise.

amsterdam5-44 amsterdam5-45 amsterdam5-46

Het Spoorwegmuseum
icon-map-marker  Maliebaanstation, 3581 XW Utrecht, Netherlands.
icon-home www.spoorwegmuseum.nl

amsterdam5-48 amsterdam5-49 amsterdam5-50 amsterdam5-51 amsterdam5-52 amsterdam5-53 amsterdam5-54 amsterdam5-55

We unexpectedly spent a lot of time at the Spoorwegmuseum. So we only had some time left for Dick Bruno Huis museum which thankfully was a small museum.

Dick Bruna (b. August 23, 1927 in Utrecht) is a Dutch author, artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Bruna is best known for his children’s books which he authored and illustrated, now numbering over 200. His best known creation is Miffy (Nijntje in the original Dutch), a small rabbit drawn with heavy graphic lines, simple shapes and primary colors. Other recurring characters include Boris the little boy bear and Barbara his girlfriend, Poppy the kind pig lady and Snuffy the dog. Additionally, Bruna has also created stories for characters such as Lottie, Farmer John, and Hettie Hedgehog.

amsterdam5-61 amsterdam5-62 amsterdam5-63 amsterdam5-64 amsterdam5-66 amsterdam5-68 amsterdam5-69

At this point, we were all hypnotised and we’re like young souls trapped in our old bodies. Thinking back, it’s strange how we all sat down and started colouring the miffy & friends characters. I had like a wtf-are-we-doing moment when the baby girl sat beside us and started colouring too. Those seats were supposed to be for toddlers… haha *dang*.


Dick Bruna Huis
icon-map-marker Address: Agnietenstraat 2, 3512 XB Utrecht, Netherlands.

amsterdam5-77 amsterdam5-78 amsterdam5-79 amsterdam5-80 amsterdam5-81 amsterdam5-82 amsterdam5-83

Our first chinese takeout for the trip and it was delicious! The portion was worth the price we paid. We couldn’t even finish and the max we could do was like half of that box. We were too hungry and ambitious man. Should have shared.


The day we took another path back to our apartment in Amsterdam and caught this at dusk.


Upcoming post, Brussels.

While this post is being published, I’m on my way to Penang, Malaysia (my first time siol). A short getaway and kinda for the countdown of 2014. I can’t wait to hunt down the artworks that has been shot to death by other tourist haha. Till then.

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