Paris, see you soon (Day 14 – 16)

The last few days in Paris, we just walked around revisiting places to experience the atmosphere during the day and night. Stopped and walked into shops which we normally don’t because we were mostly going to places of interest and we didn’t wanted to waste time. Which goes to say, we really took out time during the last 3 days in Paris.

This store reminds me of timberland. Really nice men’s apparels.

It took a really long time to find the Karl Lagerfeld store. The service was more awesome than we expected. Loving this picture.


Her shop in Paris. Come on Eileen! Let’s vintage!


The famous Eiffel Tower. The queue up was unromantic because it was really crowded but the structure was definitely amazeballs. As for the view, I thought it was alright… guess i’m not easily impressed.


Fairytale before our eyes. Cinderella has arrived with her pumpkin and mice. doh!


That night we celebrated Eileen’s birthday “you’ve got punk-ed” style. It was a hilarious one because it turned out to be a fail attempt. The first failure was when we planned for Ant to make only Eileen fall asleep but she herself fell asleep too. 2nd failure was Wy & myself couldn’t stop ourselves from falling asleep. Joel had to wake us up at 11.55pm to prepare for the pounce. 3rd failure was the surprise itself. We lit the big green candle we had in our accommodation with our messy long hair draped  all over our faces and sleepy looks, went into the dark room and stood right in front of the bed.

At the strike of 12am we sang the happy birthday song quite loudly to stir her up from her sleep. Her reaction wasn’t what we were expecting. She got a shock, jumped and said “OH MY GOD!” and cried. lol Ant had to comfort her that it was just the 3 of us. After she calmed herself down, she blew the candle and off to bed she went again.

Thinking back, i guess we really looked like we were doing some cult ritual.

Day 15 & 16



I cannot help but laugh at Ant’s messy hair. She looks like the purple minion.


Notre Dame de Paris

paris-15-07 paris-15-08paris-16-23 paris-16-24

The Louvre in the day.


paris-16-16 paris-16-17

The “Love Lock” bridge in Paris. Ant & Eileen being the mushy couple who did all the lovey dovey stuff during the entire trip naturally means they commit their love in this bridge too.


Check out the different pattern badminton lock designs and artworks.

And there was a wedding shoot going on which i suppose wasn’t surprising since this is the love lock bridge.


Love lock bridge at night.


The other birthday girl, Joel with the same candle different cake different night.


Rounding off the Europe trip with a video i made with all the bits and pieces of clips of the trip. Not good at video editing so pardon me. Even though i didn’t video in every city, I’m glad i took some as and when i remember, it made a really good piece of memory documented.

So here goes… my virgin Final Cut Pro editing attempt.

Ciaos Europe!

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