new york: rock’a’city (day 8)

the problem with updating your travel post after a few months later is that you’ll get mixed up with the days of what you did, where you’ve been. and that is what’s happening to my post right now. i’m 4months+ outdated & that’s rather ridiculous. is really so much things i wanna do, too little time. bear with me now.. i’m just left with 4 more post and i’m done! then comes the bangkok trip! ha.

as i was saying, i mixed up both day 7 & 8 because we spend both days in new york times square and these are more pics of walking characters, billboard lights and greenwich visiting.

we must pally pally with celebrities. elmo & cookie monster..mickey & minnie hustling granny & her grandson. ok i was kidding, it was completely friendly :pfree hugs anyone?erm… ok..bran..this is for you! your fav tigger.the hectic substation of nyc, times 87 records & tapes, the best place to hunt for garage rock vinyls. i saw one of my wanted vinyl of “the trashwomen” and i asked if it was for sale, unfortunately the owner just bought it for himself as a personal collection. alas! still the owner recommended me some real neat jap garage bands.the unfiltered purple sky. added vignette and that was it!on the way to greenwich, there’s like this ghetto place filled with graffiti! i was really really tempted to give it a visit but i was discouraged to. :/back at times square for the city lights & lighted billboards.spongebob squarepants!!!we on the way back, we stopped by dunkin donuts and surprised hl with it in place of a birthday cake hurhur..

the following morning, in celebration of hl’s birthday, we went crab-ing and it was actually quite fun! too be continue with pics of our crab-ing trip!


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