Milan: The Long Awaited Trip (Day 1)

With over 2 thousand pictures in my digicam + phone (too lazy to lug my dslr around), I’m finally done filtering what stays and what goes. So here’s a sneak peek of the start of the journey. Why a sneak peak? Reason being we got to milan, italy in the late evening so we were just taking our time to wonder about the neighborhood of our airbnb apartment stay.

How nice of Joey to send us off. Since Ant was the tallest, she volunteered to take our picture at the airport. We is same height friends.. kinda.

Heading straight on SQ inflight meals. It is absolutely awesome! I suppose it’s the best inflight meals ever! I had the ching chong chinese food choice of braised chicken & mushroom w/ rice for supper and poached egg w/potato and sausage + banana muffin for breakfast. That crazy yolk oozing out drives me wild. Literally, I dig my food. That’s what I’m talking about. The way to start the day. This time round, i tried to save time. To update the journal along the way when i have a chance to. Mostly is to not forget what we’ve seen, done etc. That being said, it’s time to roll! So let’s go!
Milan post - Training to our first accommodation

Our stay in milan? Better looking than our homes! Boy are we glad for the existence of The apartment, a last min booking is wtf awesome. The entire house was available and well equipped. Free wifi, alfresco area, storeroom with iron and all, can do cooking & laundry. Even though the travel is further from the city area, We can’t ask for more really. The house was so cozy we took a nap. Tired la from the long flight & traveling plus we is not kiasu Singaporeans must cover as much as possible. lol

Trying to have a home & lifestyle picture, but came an extra calefare.

Milan post - A photography worthy corner

The lovebirds trying out the bed. NC16 pls.

Milan post - The lovebirds trying out the bed.

This particular house looking like an art installation on it’s own. 

A nice bar serving pasta and coffee. Service was great. I especially love the tiramisu. Don’t look as yummy but it’s homemade awesome shit!

The vintage items around the bar is unbelievable. Just check out this old piece of laptop! Apparently, made in korea. Looking like a huge retro game console or something. Like Donkey Kong or Western Bar.

Milan post - love this vintage laptop

The 3/5 travelers who watches soccer decided to go experience it live at the stadium. (AC Milan vs Inter Milan). Right outside the stadium sits a row of hotdog stands and merchandise stalls. The hotdog was really good actually.

While they caught the game, Jo & myself took a slow stroll back and chanced upon this shop that sells everything yummy. I was quite surprised that they opened till late and there were no lack of customers. Italians has quite some sweet tooth huh.

Super random picture. Because this lift is so retro! We had to take a picture. PS: This is not a dressing room.

Hang on for day 2! The 3hr milan tour that broke every bone in our legs. I promise to blog more pictures.. because Ant says i’m too stingy with them lol. To be continued…

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