mexico: cool color adventure

warning: this is a huge ass post heavily loaded with blue and greens. i hope you’re cool (colors) enough.

one of my favorite part of the mexico trip is definitely this theme park called Xel-ha. our half day spent tubing around was actually more awesome than it sounds. i’m so glad i borrowed the underwater camera from the bride cause’ the water was so so clear i managed to dive in and take pics of the school of fishes.

the first thing that greeted us was the dolphin lagoon
and they roll together.. awwi guess mexico love their vibrant birds. corn treat guys!
look how clear the water is? we spotted a caucasian guy chasing a mermaid! the dugong that is. 
there were loads of water activities along the theme park. other than snorkeling & tubing, there’s the stone of courage where people jump out cliffs & take a dip in the water, the trepachanga walk and this.. the Salpichanga rope where people sit on hammocks & hold on to a handle and slide down. pretty awesome aite!
and this is what i meant by tubing.
i had to get off the tube & dive in to take pics of fishes and the water really felt great. under the hot sun but dipping in the cooling water. according to google, these are the Scissortail Sergeant fishes.. YES SIR!
this just looked like ikan bilis to me. man.. as i type, i feel like eating nasi lemak already.
Yellow Tail silver fish. the ones with the neon teal lining looks fab.
my best find! the Ronco Rayado fish!
a staff  brought out an iguana for a bath as we were done tubing. real cool pet bro.
one “tourist” checking out the scenery. while the rest? only interested in the buffet.
sun baking and getting a sexy tannotice the sparkles around the lady’s feet? that’s al natural… i didn’t use photoshop starburst effect hor.and this is beautiful xel-ha! this… i’ll definitely miss.


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