Korea: Boseong Green Tea Field

It wasn’t a shopping trip for me to Seoul so 6 days in the city itself seemed a little too much. I was spoilt with many choices to visit places outside of Seoul but I only had that much days. So I filtered down to places nearby Gwangju (the 6th largest city is South Korea). One of them is the Boseong green tea field and the other which is not a common choice among tourist I suppose. The 2nd location I’ll leave that for the next post. 

How to get to Boseong Green Tea Field from Seoul
  1. Take the subway train to Yongsan Station and buy a roundtrip KTX train ticket to Gwangju (3hr, 33,000WON = about SGD39).
  2. From Gwangju train station take either bus no. 65, 518 or 1187 (a short bus ride) or you could just grab a cab to Usquare (this is where the bus terminal is at).
  3. You can easily purchase a bus ticket from the touchscreen kiosk at the bus terminal to get to Boseong bus terminal. The bus number will be issued upon purchase. (1hr 30mins, 6,700WON = about SGD8).
  4. From Boseong bus terminal, take a local bus bound for Yulpo and get off at Daehan Dawon Bus Stop. (Can’t advise much since I took a cab instead)

It’s best to head off earlier in the day as you’ll waste quite abit of time travelling. And the irony is, after so much effort to get there, the walk around Boseong will only take you about an hour to two. But it was still worth it in my opinion.

• • • • •

Spotted a bunch of Doraemun display in Yongsan station.

Usquare Bus Terminal

Boseong Bus Terminal

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Taxis are easily available just right outside of Boseong bus terminal and they charge by the meter so there’s no need to worry about them cheating your money or something. The cab ride cost me less than SGD10. The admission fee also merely 4,000WON which is like less than SGD6. BEST!

For green tea lovers, there’s a cute looking house within the field that sells green tea related stuff like chocolate, tea and snacks etc. I had the green tea ice cream… not bad.


The amazing view inspired me to meditate on thin stilts like a kungfu master. #namaste

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