Japan: Harajuku, Yoyogi Park & Nissin Cup Noodle Museum


We visited the colourful Harajuku street, chanced upon cherry blossoms in Yoyogi park, made custom cup noodles in Yokohama’s Nissin Cup Noodle museum and experienced the night life in Shibuya. 

Japan - Harajuku - Main street entrance


Japan - Harajuku - Model looking guy walking along harajuku

One of the places in Tokyo I wanted to visit was Harajuku. Mainly because of the huge “Harajuku girls” culture. But we visited on a weekday, Wednesday so it was kinda expected that I’ll probably not see any of them. So I’ve read that the cosplayers will mostly appear on Sundays but that’s alright. This wouldn’t be the last time I’ll visit Tokyo I reckon. I’m actually more surprised there were a lot of foreigner staff (mostly blacks) standing by the roads. With a print out of like their clothing catalogue trying to lure customers into the shop. The impression of Japan is that they seemed like they hardly discriminate, which is great! Maybe there will be some minor cases but looking at the streets of Harajuku itself, everybody lived in harmony.

Because we arrived Tokyo from Mount Fuji in the afternoon, we were out in the Tokyo streets late. Which made us missed the Meiji shrine opening hours as well… wtf. The only shrine we actually wanted to visit. So we ended up taking a walk in Yoyogi park that has like loads and loads of big fat crows, dramatic trees, and some plum (ume) blossoms… surprise surprise!

Even though the rest of the park looked real gloomy, due to the recent seasonal changes, blossoms were popping up earlier than usual and we managed to get to see a couple of trees with them flowers. It was really like finding a flower amongst weeds. #positivethinking

Yoyogi park

Japan - Yoyogi Park - entrance
Japan - Yoyogi Park - up close of cherry blossom
Japan - Yoyogi Park - Dap taking pictures under the blossoms

Not sure why this group of friends so obiang1 with the poses haha.
Obiang = Out of fashion; in a bad or dubious style or taste. (via. singlishdictionary.com)

The rest of the days in Tokyo were basically spent strolling around, shopping, eating and some city exploring.


So what’s at Yokohama you wonder. We visited the 2nd Nissin Cup Noodle museum in Japan. These noodles, of course together with other ramen brands have helped me tremendously during my freelance nights. It’s like quick saviour for my midnight hungers. So we must give it some “worshipping” in appreciation for all these hungry years. After looking through at our pictures, it looked more like a school excursion then a vacation haha. Aside from that, it was definitely an interesting visit for us. If you’re looking for something slightly quirkier, bored of the usual attractions and you fucken love ramen, this is a place you should run to. Yeap. No actually, run to the Doraemon Museum in Mukogaoka Yuen Station first then to Nissin. We skipped the Doraemon museum though, cause I think we were like some hungry zombies let loose.

Japan - Yokohama - Nissin Cup Noodle Museum entrance
Japan - Yokohama - Nissin Cup Noodle Museum life size cup noodle

 I don’t know. I felt this strong urge to doodle something because that HUGE cup of ramen is calling. YASSS!

Yokohama - Nissin Cup Noodle Museum - Joel taking picture of the cup noodles
Yokohama - Nissin Cup Noodle Museum - Timeline

There was just toooo many for my eyes to register.

Yokohama - Nissin Cup Noodle Museum - Family visiting the museum
Yokohama - Nissin Cup Noodle Museum - Time to make our custom cup noodles!
Yokohama - Nissin Cup Noodle Museum - Happy "kids" colouring session

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 The man that created instant ramen, Momofuku Ando.

Ending this post with our school excursion photo and a paid bag of goody. Ok, till then.

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