the trip that happened 3 months back

3 months back, i went on a short vacation to bangkok, thailand. Because 2 out of 3 buddies were libra babies, it was a short getaway to spend their birthdays. sorry this post came so late ah monkie & mun! lol.. as usual :p (sadly, I won’t be able to take fancy travel pics of Korea in February. *sobs*)

Anyways, to summarize the trip to bangkok was overall a well spent vacation. Haven’t been to bkk for years but one thing for sure that hasn’t changed is the crazy hot weather and the air pollution. Chatuchak & Pratunum mall used to be the hotspot but this time round, I was diggin’ union mall and Rod Fai weekend market. Union mall is pricier than Pratunum but there were stalls selling local thai designer stuff. I got one of my favorite purchase which was a backpack from there.

Most of the shops in Chatuchak and Pratunum now knowing we are foreigners, charge 350baht on most of the items we ask. kns sia. I guess they know that without your business they will still do fine because people who owns blogshops will give them better business. Whatever yo.

Rod Fai weekend market on the other hand is new for me and definitely one of my favorite stop. The MUST-GO place for vintage lovers! From old-school telephones, typewriters, radios, vinyl records & players, household appliances to toys, accessories, fashion finds and the gallery display of volkswagen kombis, beetles & motorcycle vespas & lambrettas. And you won’t go hungry with the big area of food stalls selling their local bites. If you see something you like? Don’t walk away and try to find it back because that was what i did and i freaking missed it… the item was sold out *zzzz*.

[be warned this post is heavily posted with pictures]

This is me doing the typical post of the airport and the plane as the 1st picture. this happens when instagram-ers go on a vacation. bkk-1

While i stick to believing in the universe, the libra babies decides to pay a visit to the famous 4face buddha. Smack right in the middle of the malls, it’s hard to get a nice angle of the temple. One of my picture of the temple had the alexander mcqueen’s signage behind siol lol.

bkk-2 bkk-3

The place to get your hair braided, go to Khao San. Also it’s like holland village where the caucasians booze and listen to live music in pubs.

bkk-4 bkk-5

While ant was getting her hair braided, this will be how i would look like. I is rastafari man~


Eileen does what she do best. SHOP! “forgive me fashion, for i have sinned” -pun intended- .


Eileen and myself, together we bought 9pairs (i think) from this stall. I got 3, she 6! Deng~


I’ve seen pet sellers selling animals in bad conditions. This one is more humane. At least they were not crowded in cages.

bkk-9 bkk-10 bkk-11

The jap food in Pratunum mall is so cheap yet so good! Thanks to mun’s recommendation.

bkk-12 bkk-13

A good thing we have at least 1 group picture. Though the quality sucks lol.

bkk-14 bkk-15

I was smoking outside the mall and spotted this hippy uncle. Stylish in his blue jacket, pants and brown shoes or what? Love this picture like it’s a planned photoshoot.


Terminal 21 mall, one of the newest city mall and has a 1 floor 1 concept going on. There were country themes like London, Japan, Italy, Istanbul etc.

bkk-17 bkk-18 bkk-19 bkk-20 bkk-21

On the way to Siam Vintage in Siam Square, hungry buddies stopped at an authentic japanese restaurant and had taco balls.

bkk-22 bkk-23 bkk-24

Things in siam vintage are considered expensive.

bkk-25 bkk-26 bkk-27

Our mini group picture in a tuktuk. We is bond-ing.


And this is Rod Fai weekend market! The market i raved about.

bkk-29 bkk-30

“no woman no cry… no woman no cry~”


Selling toy cars and suddenly there were god statues for sale. Super random much.

bkk-32 bkk-33 bkk-34

Maybe these are Macdonalds’ happy meal toys.

bkk-35 bkk-36

Old school love! I used to have the western bar & donkey kong game console!


Not into vintage but into goth? No problemo~

bkk-38 bkk-39


One of the malls that had an interesting interior.


My loots compared to many years back, this is minimal.


This random last picture i had to post. coincidentally & unplanned, we wore match-y apparels. My bottom wear always seemed to match her tops. haha. It is true when they say great minds think alike. Partners in crime.


Till then!

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