the craziest trip ever

The trip to medan, ant’s hometown was the craziest trip ever because of the following reasons:

1) binge like we had an eating disorder
2) didn’t had much activities so we slept like there was no tomorrow
3) went for a “tai tai”makeover just because we saw the trend on the streets

The short getaway was a good one despite there wasn’t much to do except for eat, sleep & chillax. I’m known for not showing much food pictures but on this trip there wouldn’t be much to show PLUS I promised Bran on showing her the food that we ate.

Be warned! This post consist so much food & omfg makeover pics you might even feel like puking.


Everywhere we went, we went by car like rich kids. Partly because Ant mentioned that it’s not that dangerous on the streets but not too safe either.


Our first stop was unsurprisingly a food stop. Tasty hakka noodle! Which I thought should have been called prawn noodle instead.


After breakfast we went for a tormenting massage. While some of them enjoyed, me and Wy got bad masseurs who treated our bodies like dead meat. Scrubbed our skins like skinning chickens. Blah!


The locals and their street food. 



We have strong stomachs.




This is a mini mart and not a bike repair shop.


Ant’s home with workers working on some bag samples with reptile skins. The smell of the industrial glue, the PVC & leather materials reminds me of my younger days when I was working as a sales rep for a shoe company.  


And our barbaric dinner. The 7 of us had like 2 packs of mee goreng, 2 packs of fried rice, 2 packs of chee cheong fun, 1 pack of peanut pancake and a big pack of dessert that contains of glutinous rice and kueys. We are hardcore gluttons.


On the 2nd day, Ant’s sis drove us to the bakery to order us some kuey lapis & swiss roll cakes in advance to bring home the next day. Rather than souvenirs, we brought ‘again’ food back. A common sight at the airport check-in.


Our seafood dinner on the second day. I didn’t had much appetite because we were eating so much! I’m so amazed by the gals. *clap claps*


Big lalas, fried toufu balls, flower crabs and the refreshing cucumber juice.


The most absurd of the entire trip was our makeover. Because the partner in crime, Eileen saw a “tai tai” (a Chinese colloquial term for a wealthy married woman who does not work.)  during dinner and suggested we get ourselves a “tai tai” look and see how we turn out. And so we went to the nearby hair salon and got ourselves some cheap hairdos with wash + massage + blow that was pretty relaxing.

I’m not sure if I should even be happy when they said I fit with the theme most. I have no fucking idea why I would look so suitable with that hairstyle WTF. How unfair that Eileen looked like she had Sammi Cheng’s hairstyle!?  And Joel looking like a ghost LOL! Wy & Gen actually looked better after the hairdo too. 


How you like my “bao zhu po” look? LOL!


“Bao zhu po”
– A lady landlord character in the movie “Kungfu Hustler” by my all time favorite comedian, Stephen Chow.

So how? We sexy not? *pukes* LOL!

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