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I’ve been tagged! And it’s not usual since the number of friends who blogs religiously are limited.

I was tagged by Evelyn, The Bottomsup Blog. We used to be in a band together and I was quite briefly introduced to Eve (guitarist) and her husband, Alf (bassist). The day we met was the day we first jammed together which was one of the most impromptu things I’ve done haha. We didn’t interact much except for band matters back then. Mostly, I got to know her better after they left the band through either google chat or her blog where she writes about her experiences, her kids Layla and later Z. And it has been what? 8 or 9 years already? Omg! I’m glad that we kept in touch! Because of this post, I went through our past band pictures and can’t help laugh at those silly days. Good times!

PS: Without the consent of the other members, I shall only post a pic of Eve & mine.

Coincidentally, I was intending to post an entry about some changes in my room so the picture below was taken at the right time. This is how my workstation (if you didn’t know, I’m a freelance web designer) looks like which already has been cleaned up otherwise it would be rather messy. How? geeky or not? Lol. And yes I got an imac… yay! The macbook pro was acting up recently and I was fearful of losing my works. I’m not sure how I can be a contributor to this blogging process post because I’ve never thought blogging had a process per se…. so here goes anyways.


#1 What am I working on?

Whatever I find in my camera quite honestly. Along the list:

i. Some pictures of my room after a mini spring clean session which I wanted to document the change in the choices I now make in buying stuff, the fashion aspect that is. It’s always quite interesting to see how my style evolved… kinda.
ii. I talked to a friend about how depressing it was after my Cambodia trip back in year 2009 and was thinking of re-posting those pictures. The thing is, I’ve changed my blog URL before so those pictures were long lost in cyberspace that were probably not cached.
iii. Some random outing pictures I took with the usual gang during the weekends.
iv. I was invited to witness a ROM ceremony for the first time in my life and did a favour for photographing the event. Which I’m quite ashamed of because I missed all the important moments wtf. I mean it’s my first time so I hoped to be excused lol. I missed the signing & I missed the kiss. Totally can’t be a wedding photographer. I hope the other pictures will make up for it. I felt quite bad so I refused to accept the ang pao they wanted me to take.

Basically, It’s almost good to say no pictures, no post for my case.

#2 How does my work differ from others in its genre?

I wouldn’t say I have anything significantly different from perhaps other photography or travel blogs. I wouldn’t even call myself a photographer because it’s only an interest. There are many other bloggers who take awesome pictures that goes right down to technical terms. I’m not a blogger of flawless travel pictures nor expressive articles. In the first place when I started blogging, I just did it without the intention to narrow down to a specific content or any targeted audience. It just gradually streamed down towards photography & travels. And like the rest of us writing about own life experiences etc? Everything else are totally relatable. Like the thais would say, “same same but different”.

#3 Why do I write what I do?

I actually started blogging not because I wanted to write. It was when I took an interest in web designing. During the frontpage (a web designing platform) era, totally old school, self taught and all, started the blog and I’m pretty sure the contents were more personal back then. Talking about emotions, school life, family, friends and things I wouldn’t really touch on in-depth now. It actually became a “porfolio” for me because I remembered making quite a number of blogger friends that complimented on my designs. They were asking me to help them with their blog skins too. Which never crossed my mind that I would end up designing as a career. But now, I would think it’s a really good space to store the adventures I’ve experience. It’s nice to read back sometimes, reflect and be amazed by the developments or not, that I’ve made.

#4 How does my writing process work?

I’ve only recently learned from Eve that there are people who actually has a pre planned process of writing a post. I mean yes if it’s a post ahead but not a few post that lines up in the week or months. Which is in my opinion, amazing. Like when doing design works, I would brainstorm the idea the concept, scribble down notes & sketches.. I do that well and never thought of this process when it comes to blogging. In this area, I appear to be quite a vertical thinker huh? Dafug. So, no I do not have a writing process. It comes when the picture comes lol. Maybe I should work em’ brains more.
To carry on the chain, I’m tagging Jacq aka an ex-colleague when I had a full-time job at the advertising agency a few years back. The kind of person with a joyful & full of shit (I say this with love!) personality that you would want to have amidst the mundane day job. Somehow during our time, the PR team was more fun than the creatives. The best memories were definitely the photowhoring #ootd themes! Time flies & so much has changed these years man. She’s already preggy with her second child and now a mom blogger, still blogs the way that makes me laugh! And this is Mrs Tan. lol

PS: This has got to be the wordiest post I’ve written this year. Whutt?!

  • Evelyn
    Posted at 15:54h, 21 July Reply

    Thanks for agreeing to the tag! After I was done laughing and reminiscing (thanks to the MM pic), I really enjoyed reading this. Yes so glad we kept in touch! I’ve also popped in a few times recently to see how you edit your pics for a particular post to maintain the same “feel”–I tend to apply filters happily and wind up with photos from the same place/event that look completely different!

    Also, I used to be the opposite of you and post with NO pics at all. I try to think about pictures more now and I’m much more interested in photography than I used to be, but there are posts where pics are still an afterthought–after I’ve finished writing everything, I’ll go hunt for something that fits!

    • admin
      Posted at 04:20h, 23 July Reply

      Talking about same “feel”, I also learnt it along the way! I used to edit in many different styles but it really does make your pics look like they don’t belong in the same set. However, sometimes I still throw in a few black/whites because some pictures will look better in them.

      Yes I read 1 post when you mentioned about blogging without picture and I was thinking.. I can never write interesting content to be able to pull that off. Post with pictures is like fleshing cleavage with a low V-neck tee to compensate the average look… metaphorically speaking. Guess that’s why you’re a writer and I’m a designer? lol

      • Cat
        Posted at 14:23h, 02 September Reply

        May I ask how you did the photos layered together? Incredible…

        I also blogged because I have the photographs since I’m a visual person…seldom the other way. In an attempt to write better, I force myself to write more but am missing those photographic posts…

        I like your site (Eve had intro me several times!)

        • admin
          Posted at 10:30h, 03 September Reply

          Hello Cat! Thanks for liking my humble site. :) Because of Eve, I get visitors from mums which I normally won’t get haha.

          The layering I actually placed the camera on a tripod and made sure during the shots, not to move the camera so when you layer the pictures it will not be too far off. And where to stand is really based on an estimation. Just take a few shots.. each pic inching away from where you stand.

          Layer them in photoshop and erase the parts to reveal all 3 will do the trick! Do share a picture if you’ve decided to do it. :D

          I see that you do some illustration design too, the wedding card portrait illustrations are really cute! :)

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