Taiwan: Yangmingshan National Park & Revisiting Jiufen

One of the places in Taipei that I wanted to visit was the Yangmingshan National Park. In the past travels, I would pick shopping over looking at trees anytime but I guess age does change someone. I could see myself appreciating nature more and enjoy the strolls in the park. And with the awareness of global warming, the world is trying to be more environmentally conscious. Let’s appreciate it while we can! 👍🏻

But first… breakfast at Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿, famous for their soya milk and you tiao. You tiao is like a Chinese cruller, especially yummy dipped in soya milk or coffee.. the asian way. We had to queue over an hour for it but definitely worth the wait. You know it would be delicious when the pancakes are baked the traditional way using a stone oven. The surprising bit of it was that Wy was the one who did the research on food. Kudos her!

Fu Hang Dou Jiang - Breakfast in the making
Fu Hang Dou Jiang - Toasting Bread
Fu Hang Dou Jiang - Soya milk & you tiao

Randomly, there was a strange pairing of a duck and a piglet roaming on the pavement! We looked around but couldn’t find any owner. SoOoo cute though!

Yangmingshan National Park 陽明山

Yangmingshan - Map

We had planned to visit more spots in Yangmingshan National Park unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. We wanted to visit on a weekday to avoid the crowd however, the weather was only good on a weekend before the end of our trip. A great way to know exactly how the weather would be is to view the livecam that streams the different spots in Yangmingshan. So how bad the crowd would it be anyway? I was wrong, the queue for the shuttle bus to get us from point to point was HORRENDOUS! Sometimes, it took 3-4 mini buses before we could get on and every stop was packed to the brim with visitors.

Yangmingshan - Residences
Yangmingshan - Field
Yangmingshan - Lookout
Yangmingshan - Wooden seating area
Yangmingshan - Enjoying the waterfall
Yangmingshan - Mini waterfall

As you can see, we really didn’t manage to make it to many spots. The Xiaoyoukeng 小油坑 was the highlight of Yangmingshan National Park for us. We reckoned we had to get out of the park before everyone starts leaving during the park’s closing time. We waited for probably the 5th bus and finally got away. I seriously wouldn’t recommend anyone heading over on a weekend. Too much time was wasted on the transportation.

Yangmingshan - Hot spring from afar

熨斗目花珈琲 珈哩WUDAO cafe  No. 90號, Xinmei Street, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan 700  visit site

Taipei - Residential flats
Taipei - Main station
Taipei City - Cafe in Dunhua
Taipei City - Karl Lagerfeld, Dunhua

Dunhua area has small eateries, cafes and is a place known for streetwear shopping. Local artist aside from Candybird, Mr Ogay is another well known graffiti artist with works spotted around Taiwan if you’re observant. Read more about his concept on how he developed the character, here.

Jiufen Old Street 十分老街

Taipei Jiufen - bird eye view
Taipei Jiufen - Narrow street
Taipei Jiufen - Food stalls
Taipei Jiufen - Food stalls
Taipei Jiufen - Fish slippers
Taipei Jiufen - Cat on the roof
Taipei Jiufen - Shengming Temple dragon statue
Taipei Jiufen - Shengming Temple
Taipei Jiufen - Teahouse window
Taipei Jiufen - Ah Mei Teahouse

Since it was Wy’s first time in Taiwan, a return trip to Jiufen Old Street is a must even though she hasn’t watch Spirited Away. Jiufen Old Street, a place rich in culture which looked very different from what the city offers so it would make an interesting place to visit. She must have been wondering why would so many people queue up & cramp up in a narrow stairway to take pictures of the Ah Mei Teahouse during dawn including me haha. Check out my old post for more photos.

And I’ve finally reached the end of my Taiwan trip post. Till we meet again.

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