Taking advantage of the New Year break to finally continue my Bhutan trip post. We visited the Gangtey Goempa Monastery, hiked Phobijkha Valley and visited the beautiful Paro Fortress also known as Rinpung Dzong.
We were so lucky to be able to go on a trip before the world lockdown. We visited a country with a high happiness index, and that is Bhutan, the land of the thunder dragon.
One of the places in Taipei that I wanted to visit was the Yangmingshan National Park.
In my previous trip to Taipei, I've not heard of the Treasure Hill Artist Village before, so this was new.
We headed over to Taipei city and visited a kid's friendly place. Taipei Zoo is apparently the largest in Southeast asia. I wouldn't have visited the zoo if not for Anna and I'm glad I tagged along. It was worth it to spend half a day in Taipei Zoo. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking in this post.
The plan was to visit Anping Treehouse, explore Anping district, Beimen visitor center and get to the Jingzaijiao tile-paved salt fields before the sun sets.
I experienced my first Pokemon Go Safari event last year in Tainan, Taiwan with a couple of the Pokemon mates.
I literally worked till the very last minute before heading to the airport. So my plans were to just take it easy and not rush through places. At the airport, I googled a few places and came to an impromptu decision that it would be a pokemon and photography trip. Which is to visit places that are insta-worthy and bringing mew (pokemon) along to places we visit.
We've always wanted to do a trip together but everybody had different commitments so it was hard to pin down a date #firstworldproblems. We could only afford a 3D2N trip because like Ed, is a mum with kids.
So this is my first visit to Taiwan and I must say so far so good. The air was fresh and minty in Qingjing and Pingxi to the awesome Taipei city and hunting for the street arts.
Pictures like this show exactly why I love travelling. And very much especially with the besties and the right travelling mates. It's not a masterpiece picture but the point is the mood I get from looking at it. How we can have a devil-may-care attitude, not needing to think of work or whatever bothers, disappoints us and just unwind and go with the flow. Do slightly crazier things we don't normally do. Shoot the breeze enjoy everything from nature to architectures or even frivolous things.
Our 2 days in Nantou County, Taiwan. Visits included the Rainbow Village, Qingjing (or Cingjing) Farm and a bonus place, small peacock garden.
Gotokuji temple, in a quaint neighborhood, is definitely one of the interesting places in Tokyo. I mean like seriously, a temple filled with Maneki-neko (cats)? We wouldn't give that a miss!
We visited the colourful Harajuku street, chanced upon plum blossoms (ume) in Yoyogi park, made custom cup noodles in Yokohama's Nissin Cup Noodle museum and experienced the nigh life in Shibuya.
We planned to wake up and watch the sunrise on Mount Fuji. Eileen woke me up & I exclaimed “OH MY GOD!” The magnificent view of Mount Fuji & Lake Kawaguchi.