Sydney Day 08 [ Food Fiesta ]

A brand new day out on a food feast! But of course, we had our usual big breakfast. Hehe.

These birds having a great time dipping in.

Kungfu master doing his mediating one leg stunt in errr… “chinese garden”

I’ve been craving for salmon benedict for the longest time! But to my disappointment, the ones I had in perth was still the best. This one I had the eggs were not poached to my expectations and the dish wasn’t served with side salad or something. KILL!

Big breakfast is like huge.

Monkie’s burger looked more decent compared to my pathetic dish. Much yummier than mine too. Grrrr!

Immediately after breakfast we had awesome Lindt’s coffee. So sinful but so irresistable. I miss the ice mocha and ice chocolate.

This 2nd day in Sydney is like a let go for all of us. We ate and ate and…. ate. We scouted seafood for late lunch. Such gluttons. lol

Goodbye Sydney, Gold Coast here we come!

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  • kelvin
    Posted at 09:07h, 25 September Reply

    Woooooo…if only i could have one of the oysters~ I can’t resist it, saliva dripping down~ Thanks for the beautiful pix :)

    • ClashBoomBand says
      Posted at 13:12h, 25 September Reply

      print and cut out. all for u! lol. thanks for your kind comment kelvin :D

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