Skate ‘n’ Roll

I’m thinking of getting myself a new pair of shoes. Maybe a Vans? My old pair is about time to hit the chute and I’ll be needing one to replace especially for skating. Time to do some online shopping!

Agnes and myself made a trip down to Longboard love (LBL) shop in Telok Blangah during one of the weekends to check out some boards. I ended up getting myself a gritty new longboard, the Landyachtz Battle Axe 35″ Bear while Agnes got herself a Samurai Battle Axe 40″ and we’re loving it! I also got myself a new nutcase helmet which I’m eagerly awaiting it to be shipped from the states. Now I just need that shoe to foot brake with.

I’m selling my Madrid Andrew Mercado 36″ downhill board which I didn’t think it was suitable for me since I don’t bomb hills. And both my underutilized Penny boards which I’ve previously purchased from Australia. Head over to the carousell listing here if you’re interested. My loss is your gain yo.

The day we bought our boards, the weather was too kind with rainbows, sun rays and fallen leaves that looked as if it was autumn. We were so eager to try out we had to take it for a ride at Pasir Ris park. Skated for nearly 2 hours and I was quite surprised that the park was really scenic in the late noon. Usually the only time I would visit Pasir Ris park would be in the night time. Even though I enhanced the color contrast of the pictures I took, it was already originally nice. The park was a tad too crowded with families and campers though.

We had a rolling great time! I’m looking forward to explore the other neighbourhood parks with the skating buddy when my orders arrive. Can’t wait!

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