Indonesia - Montigo - Bridge overlooking the sea

Short Getaway to Montigo Resorts Nongsa

Finally it was time for a short getaway to the Montigo Resorts Nongsa with my besties. We’ve always wanted to do a trip together but everybody had different commitments so it was hard to pin down a date #firstworldproblems. We could only afford a 3D2N trip because like Ed, is a mum with kids. We arrived with the sky really dark and got us kinda worried about our short vacay here.

But thankfully the next day, the weather was good to us. A serious blazing sun that could get us an immediate tan under an hour standing under the sun. Gave me the opportunity to shoot in both, not great weather and good weather. No fancy activities just pure relaxation trip. So there’s not much I could talk about other than to show the pictures of the trip. Enjoy!

Desert Island by AB from the Noun Project
Desert Island By AB, IT

Montigo Resorts Nongsa

Indonesia - Montigo - View looks amazing
Indonesia - Montigo - Resort main pool area
Indonesia - Montigo - Gloomy first day
Indonesia - Montigo - Jet ski
Indonesia - Montigo - Spacious rooftop

The night view looks very blue in the following pictures because I was shooting in tungsten mode. So if you don’t get to see this beautiful sight with your naked eye, don’t say I bluff you.

Indonesia - Montigo - Night view of the bridge and sea
Indonesia - Montigo - Colourful sunset
Indonesia - Montigo - Sunset reflecting moon

We started our next morning with an hour of free bokwa fitness in an under-construction gym. The benefits of having a bokwa instructor bestie. *thumbs up* Not bad we made some effort to exercise except for Ina (on the right), as you can see from her slippers lol.

Indonesia - Montigo - Overview from part of the resort

The sun blazed through the skies in the afternoon, my mates hid comfortably in the resort while I involuntarily went suntanning. No choice but to sacrifice myself in order to capture some good pictures. And this is the result of good weather. Not too bad huh!

Indonesia - Montigo - Blue skies & water
Indonesia - Montigo - Shades of blue & green
Indonesia - Montigo - Bridge overlooking the sea
Indonesia - Montigo - Fishmongers fishing at sea

See my friends so happy in the villa waving over… tsk.

Indonesia - Montigo - Happy friends back at the resort
Indonesia - Montigo - View of the resort from the bridge

A short ride out to town for some food and spa/massage session.

O’school spa salon can smoke while getting your hair washed. Feeling damn #taitailife siol.

Indonesia - Montigo - Smoking in the hair salon???

Our seafood dinner kelong place with a weird looking mutant. I don’t know wtf is that but we sure ain’t eating that.

Indonesia - Montigo - Albino crayfish
Indonesia - Montigo - Having seafood!

This rounds up the end of our short getaway. Till then!

Indonesia - Montigo - Wefie on arrival with a vintage car
Indonesia - Montigo - See you soon, Montigo!
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