Perth - Esperance - Group shot at Lucky Bay

Perth: Wave Rock, Lake and Beaches


First time visiting the Wave Rock in Perth. Australia is known for it’s amazing beaches so we made some plans to visit the lakes and beaches.

Perth - Wave Rock - Group shot 1

Hyden Wave Rock

Hi, long time no see, my dear blog. I’m finally back with a post. Just realised the Australia Perth trip was already a year back and I’m finally starting to work on it. Thankfully, I’ve written down notes that I can refer back to. So here goes, my first Perth post!

We picked up our rented vehicle and it was a very very long drive. During our 8hrs drive, the weather was gloomy and rained on and off. Despite the drizzle, we still made it to the Hyden wave rock & hippo yawn rock. Note: Do not try to climb the wave rock when it’s raining.

Perth - Wave Rock - Group shot chain

Check out our lovely airbnb accommodation in Esperance! We were really pleased with our stay needless to say. We did our homework well.

Perth - Esperance - Airbnb living room

This was supposed to be the famous Pink Lake of Esperance. We were quite excited to finally be able to see a large amount of water in another colour especially when it’s another vibrant colour like pink. But when we arrived, we were left feeling lost. Where the pink at? I wished this article had been written before we went on our trip. The reaction of confused tourist was exactly how we reacted. Sorry to say, Pink lake or rather Lake Spencer now is nothing but like every other similar looking lakes you’ve ever seen. It’s no longer a spot worth visiting imo. However, we did spent a good 20mins watching the sun ray sweep across the lake creating shades of “black and white” looking hue. We would like to think of it positively that the sight presented to us was at least of some consolation.

Lake Spencer (mostly known as Pink Lake)

Perth - Esperance - Pink Lake lookout
Perth - Esperance - Windmill

I was looking forward to this trip because aside from having a break from work, a small part of it was to catch a regional pokemon. Finally caught my first Kangaskhan at the windmill. Haven’t experienced such adrenaline rush catching a wild rare pokemon for a while so it was really hilarious when everyone celebrated my catch.

Now, I just need a trip to New Zeland for Relicanth, North America for Tauros & Illumise, Texas for Heracross and Africa for Tropius. That is a like a lot more to go!

With trading system though, it’s possible to get it without traveling. Though I would prefer to catch it myself, I doubt I will be able to travel to any of these places before Gen 4 comes out. Bummer!

Perth - Esperance - Windmill catching Kangaskhan

Twilight Beach

Perth - Esperance - Twilight Beach

Nine Mile Beach

Perth - Esperance - Happy kids posing with their ride at Nine Mile Beach

Because of the weather I’ve mentioned earlier in the post, we witnessed the MOST rainbows ever in a single trip. And because of the vast unblocked land, we get to see magnificent full-blown rainbows everywhere we drive.

Perth - Esperance - Nine Mile Beach huge rainbow

Last but not least, we visited Lucky Bay beach which we thought might be the chance to catch some real Kangaskhans, the kangaroos chilling by the beach. But we arrived a little late just right before sunset. So I guess the kangaroos were already done with their beach activities or something for the day. However, we’re glad we managed to watch the sun set in Lucky Bay. It was A..mazing! Just check out the photos already.

Lucky Bay

Perth - Esperance - Photo taking at Lucky Bay
Perth - Esperance - Sunset at Lucky Bay
Perth - Esperance - Group shot at Lucky Bay

Ending of the post with a happy picture of us. Till the next post of Perth… See you soon readers!

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