Albany, Australia - Huge rainbow at The Gap and Natural Bridge

Perth: The Blow Hole, Gap and Natural Bridge and Wind Farm


We visited The Blow Hole, The Gap and Natural Bridge and the Wind Farm. Our road trip to Albany, Perth with rainbows and a stare-off competition with cows.

Albany, Australia - Cosi's cafe

What better way than to start a new year, a new day and a very long overdue post? Breakfast! Ok… I’m kidding. Because the irony is I’m not a breakfast person and it’s bad I know. I’m just saying that because the first image is a picture of my friends having breakfast and I do have breakfast when I travel especially when it’s egg benedict.

It was drizzling on off early that morning but no problemo! Nobody gets upset when travelling, only great vibes. My mocha coffee (which tasted more like a smooth cup of mocha milkshake), breakfast set and pancakes at Cosi’s cafe, Albany were really yums! I can see why breakfast does make a difference in your day.

The Blow Holes

We head off to The Blow Hole and the 15mins slope down walk didn’t felt that steep until we had to go back up. Unfortunately, when we got to the bottom, the current wasn’t strong enough to the hole blowing so no spectacular water blasting up picture and that the rain was approaching so we had to u-turn. The steep slope was tedious with our heavy winter wear. We or rather I was out of breath! So weak man so weak. The consolation, another photo with a rainbow in it.

Albany, Australia - Rainbow at The Blow Hole

The Gap and Natural Bridge

Albany, Australia - The Gap and Natural Bridge
Albany, Australia - Huge rainbow at The Gap and Natural Bridge
Albany, Australia - Group photo

The Gap and Natural Bridge is not as tough to walk as compared to The Blow Hole. As you can see, I could even setup my tripod and photograph our daily “band” photo amidst the rocks. This place is quite the view especially near the end of the beach area with clear blue water and the rushing waves.

Albany, Australia - The Gap sea view
Albany, Australia - The Gap

Wind Farm, Albany

Albany, Australia - Wind Farm

The Albany wind farm was much nicer as compared to the one in Esperance. A nice breezy walk along the trail to see the mills.

Nice green pasture with cows roaming freely and munching away. We just had to stop our rented vehicle and have a stare-off competition with them before heading over to Margaret River. Stay Tuned! For more info on the 3 locations mentioned above, visit this link.

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