Perth: Rottnest Island, Home of Happy Animals

Presenting to you my last post of our Australia Perth trip…. Rottnest Island! The island that I was looking very much forward to amongst all the places we had on our itinerary. According to the internet, Rottnest Island is one of the Islands where the world’s happiest animals exist! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take cute frontal shots of them because they

were mostly too busy munching away. For more cute pictures of quokkas, visit this link. To get to Rottnest island, we took a ferry out from Fremantle to visit Rottnest Island as a day trip. We wouldn’t be able to cover all the beaches in a day so we picked out a few that we were attracted to. Warning: photo heavy post ahead.

Australia - Rottnest Island Map

Use the interactive map via the map source link. Map source:

1. Little Salmon Bay

Australia - Rottnest Island - Clear water in Little Salmon Bay

All the beaches on Rottnest Island have crystal clear water! Due to the conservation of the place, protected by law, the whole island remains pristine. Snorkelling is allowed but not jetskis and all the water activities that would pollute the waters. We were in awe of the beauty presented before us at every beach we visited. The waters were so clear we even spotted a fish swimming near the shoreline, assuming that it was a salmon fish because we were at Little Salmon Bay? Plenty of seagulls nesting on the rocks too.

Australia - Rottnest Island - Little Salmon Bay seagulls

The best way to go around the island if you only have a day to spare would be by getting the “Island Explorer Bus” pass which you can purchase from the visitor centre upon arrival of the island. The pass rates differ on weekdays and weekends. Pricing can be found here. The island is really big so cycling wouldn’t be efficient for us. At some point in our visit, we have to walk along steep slopes so if you’re not someone that cycles regularly, it can be quite tedious.

Australia - Rottnest Island - Hitch hike a bicycle?

2. Cape Vlamingh Coastline

Australia - Rottnest Island - Cape Vlamingh Coastline
Australia - Rottnest Island - Cape Vlamingh Coastline walkway
Australia - Rottnest Island - Cape Vlamingh Coastline groupshot

3. Catheral Rocks, Eagle Bay

Australia - Rottnest Island - The Cathedral Rocks viewing platform
Australia - Rottnest Island - Seals in The Cathedral Rocks

The Cathedral Rocks viewing platform near Eagle Bay lets visitors watch seals. There were plenty of them baking under the sun on the rocks just like the seagulls while the rest were swimming freely in the waters It was like a beach vacation for them too haha. Too bad the rocks were too far away for my lens to be able to capture. Better view of the seals in the video at the end of this post.

4. Thomson Bay

Australia - Rottnest Island - Thomson Bay

5. Fays Bay

Australia - Rottnest Island - Take pic at Fay's Bay

Feeling at the top of the world at Fays Bay. What happens when we were extremely satisfied with our day trip? Jump shots happened.

Australia - Perth - Skating rink
Australia - Perth - Graffiti ice cream man

The day before we leave for the airport, we visited the “Kings Park and Botanic Garden”. Sat under the sun and soak in all the good memories of Western Australia, Perth with a scenic view one last time.

Australia - Perth - Kings Park and Botanic Garden View 2
Australia - Perth - Kings Park and Botanic Garden View 1

Thankful for great companions, great weather, great country resulting in a great trip! Till then! It’s a pity I didn’t have much video clips to play around with. Photographing and videoing using one device is tough! Nonetheless, hope you’ll enjoy the video as much as I did piecing it together with my amateurish editing skills. ♡

Australia - Rottnest Island - See you again!
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