Perth, Australia - Jesters Flat - Arrive at rest area

Perth: Horse Ride, Margaret River

We spent the day mostly on horse riding in Margaret River but before I get to that part of the post, here’s a picture of the first location we visited. Presenting… the serene Prevelly beach. Amazing colours of beige, green and blue combination. Colours of tranquillity right here.

We were able to enjoy the view in peace because it was winter so no surfers and beachgoers spoiling my postcard shot. The wind was so strong, we were fighting against the wind with our body. Thankfully, the photo didn’t turn out blurry. Yas postcard!

Prevelly Beach

Perth, Australia - Prevelly Beach

We had some really awesome savoury pies and nice coffee at Margaret’s Bakery in the town centre. Tripadvisor recommends this as one of the top 5 bakeries to go to in Margaret River, don’t play play1. The decor had the hippie vibe and the owner, a very obvious fan of Frida Kohla. It’s a small cafe with limited seats so be prepared to wait for a table during peak hours.

Perth, Australia - Margaret's Bakery

Jesters Flat, Twilight Tour

Perth, Australia - Jesters Flat - Campfire area

It was some of our first horseriding experience and we really enjoyed it! Not much of a sunset golden light view because it was cloudy and drizzled for a short while. We were advised to keep our phones and cameras but it will be a waste if I didn’t take some pictures of the tour. So I just had to risk it and hope my buddy horse creamy won’t go apeshit on me. But they were so tame and docile, like taking a stroll in the park. It was so enjoyable I totally forgot that I should have been at least slightly nervous or something.

Perth, Australia - Jesters Flat - Getting ready to ride horses

While taking pictures of my friends with their horses, this ball of silky black fur darling sat beside me and my awkwardly small round boots. Sadly, Griff has passed on last year so this photo is really touching for me.

Perth, Australia - Jesters Flat - Buddy Griff
Perth, Australia - Jesters Flat - Peaceful horse riding experience

This is the only picture I have that showed that there were many kangaroos in the wild. Those tiny silhouette between the trees are kangaroos. When our horses got even barely close, they were already scattered away so no close shots of them.

Perth, Australia - Jesters Flat - Twilight touring forest

It doesn’t look cold but trust me, it was really cold especially nearing the end of the tour. Don’t be deceived by the blue skies. Thank god I have my gloves.

Perth, Australia - Jesters Flat - Arrive at rest area
Perth, Australia - Jesters Flat - Ant posing for camera

Our guide, Ryan from Jesters Flat!

Perth, Australia - Jesters Flat - Guide, Ryan

Another picture of Griff (front) sitting around us while we were served warm toasted pita breads with balsamic & vinegar on the side. The pita bread though.. was delicious!

Perth, Australia - Jesters Flat - Griff relaxing on sofa

Warming ourselves at the fireplace and commemorate our awesome horse ride experience at Jesters Flat with wefies. Happy kids!

Perth, Australia - Jesters Flat - Warming ourselves at the campfire
Perth, Australia - Jesters Flat - Wefie around the campfire
Perth, Australia - Jesters Flat reception

Jesters Flat
 1549 Rosa Brook Rd, Margaret River, WA 6285 Australia
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