Perth, Australia - Blue Boat House

Perth: Busselton Jetty, Blue Boat House, Yallingup & Preston Beach


There’s a couple of insta-worthy places in Perth Australia and in this post, we visited the Busselton Jetty, Blue boat house, Yallingup beach and Preston beach.

There has been an on-going trend in social media, Instagram to be precise. When people travel, m.u.s.t exhibit some yoga poses to illustrate the serenity of nature. And that is what we did in our own ways… fully clothed, no exercise attire because it’s winter. The main point is, none of us actually does yoga lol.

There’s really countless of amazing beaches in Perth, Australia and we’re not even done covering the whole of the west side. With the number of beaches we’ve covered, we can safely assume that most beaches are similarly beautiful. One cannot deny it’s beautiful when sharks want to explore too. #truestorybro

Perth, Australia - 2-Storey Airbnb

And this means Hello! I’m back with a new post. Featuring our first group shot of the day at our lovely two-storey Airbnb accommodation. On a side note, cute Australian Ringneck parrots were spotted hunting for seeds.

Yallingup Beach

Perth, Australia - Yallingup beach, cute dapple dachshund

Whenever I see a dachshund, I’m reminded of my fatty bom bom at home.

In the middle of winter, there seemed to be a surf instructor teaching young kids. Omg… thinking of the cold already makes me shudder.

Perth, Australia - Yallingup beach - Kids playing
Perth, Australia - Simmo's ice cream shop

Look at them grown-ups gathering around the ice cream counter like kids at Simmo’s Ice Creamery. All eager to taste each other’s ice cream before it’s gone. *shakes head*

This trip, we noticed many different types of birds as compared to kangaroos. It was a little surprising to me especially the Australian Ringneck parrot. I’ve not seen these birds on my previous trip many years back. We were driving along the road and chanced upon a flock of Australian White Ibis. We got lucky and witnessed the migratory season. More birds… more luck!

Perth, Australia - White Ibis birds
Perth, Australia - White Ibis birds flocking

Busselton Jetty

My 2nd time back at the jetty after many years. It’s still pretty much the same but nevertheless enjoyed the slow breezy stroll. The detailed wall art on the way to the restroom though… had me in awe. I totally stood outside the restroom for a good while to admire the artwork as if I was in a art museum. Imagine the artist’s effort in drawing those intricate lines. *claps claps*

Back home before our trip, we did our research and saw an interesting photo of a row of colourful huts in Preston beach. We were driving and looking around the really small town along the houses in circles for about half an hour and couldn’t find the huts. The joke is, we finally found out that the colourful huts along Preston beach is in the UK… LOL. The consolation is, it’s along the houses at Preston beach where we finally see wild kangaroos upclose.

Perth, Australia - Preston beach - Kangaroos
Perth, Australia - Preston beach - Kangaroos on a lookout

Preston Beach

Perth, Australia - Eating at Preston beach

We have an inside joke amongst ourselves. Kopitiam food back home is at an amazing speed. We queue, order, take our food, sit down and gobble our food. Whenever we travel and at meal times, we tend to wait much longer for the food to be prepared. This is where we see the difference in culture.

The locals will be happily chatting while waiting for their meals and we will be like.. lost. Looking hungry, grumpy and nobody talks. #realization. The photo above just emphasized again how nobody talks when we’re hungry. Everybody solemnly eats the packed food. Totally a failed attempt at picnics. No beach picnic vibes here hahaha.

Perth, Australia - Preston beach - Photograph sunset
Perth, Australia - Preston beach - Colourful grass

Blue Boat House (Crawley Edge Boatshed)

The next day we visited the Blue Boat House at the Swan River. Famously photographed in social media platforms. A queue is expected at this Instagram worthy place so be prepared to queue a little. Managed to take some postcard looking photos thanks to the great weather.

Perth, Australia - Blue Boat House
Perth, Australia - Blue Boat House - Groupshot

Our next Airbnb accommodation with a beach house theme to stay for the rest of the nights was also really lovely.

Perth, Australia - Beach Theme Airbnb - Kitchen

Ending off the post with a sneek peak to the next post which would wrap up our Perth trip. Teaser photo below. Stay tuned!

Perth, Australia - Sunrise at a jetty
Perth, Australia - Sunrise on the ferry
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