Paris: Tuileries Garden (Day 9)

We reached Paris after an hour train ride from Belgium and oh my it felt unfamiliar, in a good way. The weather was awesome! Compared to the previous year trip, we felt like dying cause we packed for autumn and we experienced winter instead, grey everyday. This time round, it felt more like autumn. It was really great getting off the train to see blue skies and didn’t need to put on my jacket.

We had a total of 5 days in Paris, so we were really taking it easy and not overcrowding the itinerary with plans. Our only stop on the first day was to visit the Jardin des Tuileries.

Our cosy apartment from airbnb. The owner a lawyer student who reads alot.

Paris airbnb accomodation

La Madeleine church

Paris Champs Élysées Paris Champs Élysées Paris Champs Élysées Paris Champs Élysées

Spongebob has invaded Moschino boutique.

Moschino in Paris Champs Élysées

Jardin Des Tuileries

Paris Tuileries garden

Having the best weather at Tuileries Garden. A public garden located between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde for Parisians to mingle, celebrate and relax.

Apparently during the Paris Fashion Week, Tuileries Garden becomes a place where fashionistas, celebrities, bloggers and media photographers will be seen. Something like this. That aside, we really had a great time people and duck watching, just shooting the breeze and taking strolls while the sun sets.

Paris Tuileries garden Paris Tuileries gardenParis Tuileries garden  Paris Tuileries garden Paris Tuileries gardenParis Tuileries gardenParis Tuileries gardenParis Tuileries garden Paris Tuileries garden

Because we like this background. #beforeandafter #jumpshots
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Paris Tuileries garden Paris Tuileries garden

This is one of the most sinful yet delicious chinese food we ever had the first time back in our trip in year 2013. It was so good we had to go back.

Asian food in Paris

So the restaurant lady owner advised us to buy the weekly transit pass instead of the normal daily trip train tickets and we saved alot! The pass covers unlimited travel between zone 1 & 2 metro lines (within the week) which is mostly where the places of interest are. All you need to do is head over to the self-service photo booth nearby (cost about 3-5€), take a portrait picture and hand it over to the counter when you purchase the pass. Better still, prepare your picture at home before you travel. For value savings, buy the pass on a Monday because validity starts on Mondays and they charge the full week price. Size of photo (if it hasn’t change) 25 x 30 mm (1 x 1.25 inches).

Transport card Paris

We didn’t know how to use the booth that was in French, all 4 of us squeezed ourselves in the booth to have our picture taken. Save cost but wrong size. Thankfully, we didn’t get caught for doing that haha.

paris-2014-25Paris airbnb accomodation Paris airbnb accomodation

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