Paris: Jardin Du Luxembourg (Day 11)

We were deceived by the weather. It was blue & sunny and we thought maybe we should just head to Jardin Du Luxembourg. Despite the weather, we took a nice and slow stroll in Luxembourg. I’m not sure if we would enjoy as much in summer so spending autumn in the gardens is not a bad idea. We get summer all year round in Singapore so this is easy, breezy beautiful. We took our time to truly appreciate and soak up the nature. Haven’t done that like in donkey years.

This post is pretty much a self-explanatory photo diary post so I’ll skip the whole boring part and get right to the pictures.

paris-2014-day11-01paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-02paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-03 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-04 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-05

So apparently, you can’t just grab a book, sandwich & mat, head over to Luxembourg and spend the day away. Sitting on the lawn is forbidden.. Jeng jeng jeng. Maybe they’re afraid of overcrowding, bug litters and all that nonsense. Most of the “rest stops” do have enough chairs for visitors if they must. This is the biggest difference between Central Park (USA) and Luxembourg.

paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-06 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-07 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-08 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-09 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-10 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-11 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-12 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-13  paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-14

I must say the pond area in Tuileries Garden is nicer.

paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-16 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-17 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-18 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-19 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-20

This is no martial arts. Students practising their choreographed dance on the lawn.

paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-21 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-22 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-23 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-24 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-25 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-26 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-27

Thought we could kidnap a parrot and teach him some tricks. We tried to have him at hello but he didn’t care.. only want to find fruits.

paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-28 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-29 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-30 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-31 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-32 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-33 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-34 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-35 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-36

Randomly, there was a stretch of tennis court. One thing for sure, the air is so fresh, must have felt good playing.

paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-37 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-38 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-39 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-40 paris-2014-day11_luxembourg-41   paris-2014-day11-43 paris-2014-day11-44 paris-2014-day11-45 paris-2014-day11-46 paris-2014-day11-48 paris-2014-day11-47

Blackboard and chalks for free doodling. #yolo


This stretch along the Seine River had a variety of activities going on which was quite amusing. A few feet away there was a blackboard, then some random puzzle on the ground, people were jogging… cycling… skating, a mini workout area where topless hunks were flexing off their muscles, a trainer with a group of aerobic dance students which tried to get us involved and skateboarders filming stunts with their GoPro. It’s like we were at different places all over.


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