Paris: An Educational Kind of Trip (Day 10)

The day was purposely planned to have a different kind of itinerary. Instead of visiting the places of interest, I managed to get the peeps to visit the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle. I was looking forward to the Grand Gallery of Evolution especially. It was as if we were kids all over again. The trip was very much considered an educational one, visiting science & biology exhibitions etc. My advice to anyone planning to go? Leave one full day for it. A great place to bring your kids if you’re travelling with any.

We were suppose to find the restaurant L’Avant Comptoir  around Odeon metro station for the crêpe but ended up having omelette breakfast at Le Danton which was just next to it because the crêpe place didn’t open till like 12pm in the noon. I very much enjoyed the big portion of omelette which irked E out cause it was too much for her haha. She swore to not eat omelettes for the rest of the trip after.

After breakfast, we managed to get the crêpe and thankfully, we only got one. It was huge!

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[column]L’Avant Comptoir
 9 carrefour de l’Odéon, Sixth Arrondissement, Paris[/column]
[column]Café Brasserie Le Danton
 103 Boulevard Saint-Germain 75006 Paris‎
 Café Brasserie Le Danton[/column]

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The first exhibition we went to was “Nuit“, which exhibits a large variety of mammals, insects, reptiles etc… the activity at night. There were boxes for you to smell what the flowers would smell like, listen to the sounds the animals produced at night which I think was quite interesting. The variety was large. Quite an extensive biology museum. Some of the photos below will give you an idea of what you’ll expect to see.


paris-2014-day10_nuit-14 paris-2014-day10_nuit-15

I love the Great Evolution exhibition. We stayed long enough to see the ambience of the whole place slowly morph from morning to night. It was really awesome with the surround sound of birds chirping, thunder & rain sound effects. It wasn’t really raining but the simulation of it. Even the roofs flickered like how when lightning strikes. Grand indeed.

The only unfortunate thing was the descriptions were in French. bummed.

paris-day10_Grand_Gallery_of_Evolution-16 paris-day10_Grand_Gallery_of_Evolution-17 paris-day10_Grand_Gallery_of_Evolution-19 paris-day10_Grand_Gallery_of_Evolution-20 paris-day10_Grand_Gallery_of_Evolution-21 paris-day10_Grand_Gallery_of_Evolution-22 paris-day10_Grand_Gallery_of_Evolution-23 paris-day10_Grand_Gallery_of_Evolution-26




paris-day10_Grand_Gallery_of_Evolution-24 paris-day10_Grand_Gallery_of_Evolution-25

Experience the ambience of The Grand Gallery of Evolution in the video below!

paris-day10_Grand_Gallery_of_Evolution-27 paris-day10_Grand_Gallery_of_Evolution-28 paris-day10_Grand_Gallery_of_Evolution-29

This kid knows how to find her own pack.


Sea mammals in the basement of The Grand Gallery of Evolution.

We spent so much time at The Grand Gallery of Evolution that we didn’t had time for Galeries d’Anatomie comparée et de Paléontologie.

The Gallery of Paleontology presents a famous collection of fossil vertebrates (especially dinosaurs and other extinct animals) and of invertebrates. The Gallery of Comparative Anatomy, holds nearly a thousand skeletons and interprets their organization and classification. – via. wikipedia

If you must.

Galeries d'Anatomie comparée et de Paléontologie
photo credits: wikimedia

We end our day admiring flowers, fool around the garden, looking at photographs and watched kids riding carousels. Small garden but many happenings.

Jardin Des Plantes


Strangely, the 2nd picture of the man in uniform below resembles Singapore comedian & actor, Mark Lee. Lol.

paris-day10_Jardin_Des_Plantes-39 paris-day10_Jardin_Des_Plantes-40 paris-day10_Jardin_Des_Plantes-42 paris-day10_Jardin_Des_Plantes-43 paris-day10_Jardin_Des_Plantes-44paris-day10_Spider-44paris-day10_Jardin_Des_Plantes-45 paris-day10_Jardin_Des_Plantes-46

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