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before i catch a plane and off to indonesia (medan – ant’s hometown) i go, i sacrifice my sleep to get the outdated kl malaysia post up done and over with. ok i lied. i didn’t sacrifice my sleep. just my usual upset bio clock.

so the reason why i was at kl a month back was to attend an ex-colleague’s wedding. i used to be able to shop and get stuff from kl but now nothing really appeals to me and in that aspect, it was boring like zzz. but overall the trip was an enjoyable one. because i don’t remember the kampong glamour (i was a baby to remember how my old kampong house looked like), i had a chance to experience it during the trip.

new home = hoong’s condo (but i forgot to take picture..blah) + hotel istana (our stay)
old home = hoong’s parent’s kampong place

5 star hotel istana was awesome! my bunk with my male date, toxox aka tommy was in this spanking room. had the room all by myself for the first night and i was living #likeaboss. the downside though was that they were fixing up their wifi and we only had wifi in the lobby lounge. they mentioned that wifi will only be available next year so if you wanna get away from too much internet, istana is perfect. like toxox tweeted, we both miss the breakfast & company indeed.kl01 kl02how? my gayboy look pass? then i can seduce toxox. LOLkl03we love hotel room service so we ordered sandwich for supper with nehneh mustard sauce. woohoo~~kl11the view from hoong’s condo.kl04 pls pigeon, don’t be foolish. think about your loved ones.kl05there were boxes of gifts prepared by the bride to be given to the sisters & brothers. i thought like whaaa packaging so nice so i lifted up the cover to see what’s inside. but it was overflowing with dirty little secrets. many pattern g-strings with lace, ribbons & all. ah huh~kl06hoong’s parent’s glam house decorated with party balloons. the wedding culture in malaysia apparently is that they invite family & friends to a pre-dinner at their respective homes the day before the actual wedding dinner. imagine how much they have to spend? photoshoot, videography, 2 dinners and a honeymoon. *phwao!* (front left to right: toxox, yvonne & ken).kl07 solitude art of birdy birds.kl10 the groom mr. hoongkl08party party eat eat! it was pouring when we ate and rain was spilling in damping the table and our seats but so kampong, i like.kl09wedding dinner at 大同 restaurant near damansara if i’m not wrong. the interior was really old school but the food was rather yummy! kl16hoong had a band playing during his wedding and this made us laugh. no offense but really?? cunning voice technique?? sly singer siol.kl17toxox has a crush on candy too. you’ll know toxox is nervous about candy when his stiff finger is uptight like that.kl18and he does his cheesy confession with a song during the bride walk-in. lol!kl19bride tammy looking fabulous with her fair and flawless skin.kl20what would psy say? FATHER! MOTHER! GENTLEMEN! *please ignore the ugly piece of clumsy dua leng kong air-condition behind.*kl21we flew all the way from singapore, must take group pic, must selca selca.kl22this painting at the restaurant caught my attention. i really like it actually!  kl23during our spare time, we shopped a little and bought nothing lol. but this fahrenheit mall was new for me. the mall’s concept was based on japanese manga which is quite nice. as you can see from the mall with a huge ass manga doll at the entrance and the japanese character signages. this could pass off looking like a street off tokyo ain’t it? kl12the top floor was the more interesting level which looked really familiar (not the pic below). then i realized that it was managed by parco next next. i had more pictures of the mall in my phone but unfortunately my phone data was erased under repair. bummer!kl13berjaya times square had a taipei street??? love the signages!kl14funky taco box. the grilled scallop and this tamayaki ball was really yummy. kl15

and so i end the pictures with an hr away to getting ready and head over to the airport. i’m planning to sleep on the plane and looking forward to the massage on our arrival! this time round with a big gang of us! so sexciting! we will rendezvous with rendangs!

before i go, i really do think it’s a pity that i won’t be able to catch Typewriter this coming tuesday, 2nd may at artistry before they fly off to UK on their “The English Breakfast Tour” . have a great gig and tour good folks!!

those who can, do catch them at the upcoming gig! (love the gig poster! by little ong, ffurious)

englishbreak_posterrock ‘n’ roll peeps!



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