NT Australia: The Pebbles & Devils Marbles


From pebbles to boulders, we visited The Pebbles and Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles).

NT Australia - L.O.V.E

What better way to start a post then with a picture of human made letters L.O.V.E… literally. I don’t remember how this happened tbh. Yet this picture showed how truly bored we were lol. I mean… at least we try to lighten up by doing “fun” things? You must understand that everywhere we went, the color orange pretty much dominated 90% of the entire trip, other than the blue skies lol. Believe it or not, we were so bored we even played with flies when we took toilet breaks and from the long hours of driving. On a side note, thank god for the nets we bought. The summer flies we can’t even man.

I mentioned about the amusing sight of termite mounds in the “Our First Campervan Trip Experience” post. And we found the best dressed mound, Orgee (named by E) in a striking orange long sleeve top and a contrasting blue cap. They soon became #bffs haha. This attire must have been freshly dressed because the other mounds were mostly in tattered clothings. 

According to an article with the locals, they revealed that dressing up the mounds doesn’t cause any harm to it didn’t mind a little fun to perk up the long drive. It can get really dreary when you’re spending many hours in the vehicle driving on a straight road along the stuart highway. Check out the other interestingly dressed termite mounds here. 😆

The Pebbles

4 Hours Later...

After 4 hours of driver later, we arrived at The Pebbles. We probably spent the last 20mins in a very very shaky vehicle because of the small pebbles on the road like… everywhere. A 4-wheeler would have no problem on that particular road but campervans were a challenge for us. We could hear the plates rattling within the wooden drawers. Praying that we didn’t shatter any of it and that we needed the limited crockeries for our meals.

NT Australia - The Pebbles - shadow
NT Australia - Outback Caravan Park - Sunset

On clear days, sunrise, sunset and stargazing in Australia were just stunning every single time without fail man. I wonder if it’s due to the vast skies? I find myself looking forward to it because there’s so much “variety”. And this is the sunset in Tennant Creek Caravan Park for your admiration. Shooting the stars and the milky way was another challenge without a tripod. I didn’t manage to get good photos of the milky way here (day 3) but follow my blog and check back later for my post of our returning trip.

Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles)

NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - Arrive at Devils Marbles
NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - Alolan shiny dugtrio
NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - E & A with the tipping pebble
NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - Find my friends at the tipping pebble

Game on: Drag arrows on the above picture to find my friends

NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - E pointing to A at a perfect cut pebble

This has got to be the most interesting boulder in Devils Marbles. It’s almost a perfect round boulder split cleanly due to the hot & cold weather. The wonders of rock formation.

It’s a perfect place to have some AR shots of the ground type pokemons. Looking like it’s natural habitat.

NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - Shiny & non-shiny Cubone
NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - Rhyperior at Devils Marbles
NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - Find all of usNT Australia - Karlu Karlu - Find all of us after

Game on: Drag arrows on the above picture to find us again haha

NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - Group shot

A group shot of us in Devils Marbles. See the sizing of the boulders around us?

NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - Stack of boulders peeping through 2 huge boulders
NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - Entrance to Devils Marbles
NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - Neatly stacked boulders

Some of the places that were known to be sacred grounds would have a signage or fence to indicate that photography is not allowed. But in Devils Marbles, we didn’t see any of it so I’m hoping these photos doesn’t cause unpleasant viewing. But look at the amazingly neatly stacked boulders already.

NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - Stack of boulders from afar
NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - Just the 2 of us exploring the rest of Devils Marbles
Feeling like the top of the world
NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - E posing as if she's trying to move the boulder

This is almost looking like a giant fishball no? E pretending to hold the “fishball” like a strong. 💪

NT Australia - Karlu Karlu - Campervans parked by the other entrance
NT Australia - Ti Tree Roadhouse - Colorful sunset

Ending the post with a dramatic sunset we witnessed in Ti Tree Roadhouse.

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