The climb is real... at Ormiston Gorge

NT Australia: Emily / Simpsons Gap, Ormiston Gorge

We visited the Emily & Jessie Gap, Simpsons Gap and trekked the Ormiston Gorge, which was a tough climb. It reminded me of the tiring climb up Mt Hallasan back in my Jeju trip. In fact, it was more difficult in comparison because we had to pass through mountains, be really cautious climbing over big boulders and drag our tired feet over sand. Sand is so hard to walk on man.

People who exercises or hike often may find me exaggerating but I need to emphasize again, I hardly exercise but I managed with some whining involved so it’s still doable. To be honest, looking back at the photos, I couldn’t distinguish Emily and Jessie Gap apart because it’s really a bunch of mountain photos lol. Check out the photos below and you’ll probably understand why?

Emily & Jessie Gap

Jump shot at Emily Gap
Find my friend at Emily gap
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Pointy mountain at Emily gap

Emily Gap
 Hale NT 0872 Australia
 visit site

Simpsons Gap

Strolling along Simpsons gap
Great weather at the Simpsons gap

It was very sunny which was really good for photography but it gets kinda chilly under the shade at the Simpsons Gap. The view was definitely better than the other gaps. At least we really saw a gap huh? ‘V’ for a victorious view with my tiny friends. ✌🏻 I cannot lie, that small reservoir of water stinks SO bad! It was hardcore with a fishy pungent smell. A whiff of it already can cause us to gag. 🤢

Tiny friends amidst the Simpsons gap
The fabulous view at Simpsons gap
Lovely colours of nature at Simpsons gap
Our postcard shot at Simpsons gap

Simpsons Gap
 Burt Plain NT 0872 Australia
 visit site

Ormiston Gorge

Carpark observatory at Ormiston Gorge

We arrived after a long 2 hours drive so it didn’t made sense to choose the easiest ghost gum trail that will only take an hour to hike. So we opted for the 7km thinking that it would be easy peasy and we should be able to complete it within two hours max. But we were SO WRONG! We took double the time with a total of about 4 hours! #ialmostdiedman

The path along the mountain was quite narrow and some of us got pierced by the bushy spikes. The sun was HOT AF, my shoes were not hike appropriate, the effort to climb through a great length of huge rocks with my short ass legs and the walk on the sand was double the effort OMG! At the end of the hike, it was super satisfying though like YAS WE I SURVIVED!

Overview of the meandering road
Good luck to us because we have a long way to go.
Holding up the gorge at Ormiston Gorge
Spectacular view trekking at Ormiston Gorge
The couple friend posing from afar at Ormiston Gorge

The Ormiston Gorge was tough but without a doubt breathtaking and totally worth it!

Showing off the view at Ormiston Gorge
Amazing colours of nature at Ormiston Gorge
Odd shape mountain at Ormiston Gorge
The climb is real... at Ormiston Gorge
Mountain steps at Ormiston Gorge

How did this happen?? It looked as if it was built man-made stacking the rocks like a flight of steps. Gorge-ous! #wordplayonpoint 😉

The last lap!
My colourful friends with the boulders acting cool at Ormiston Gorge

A & E “rocking” out their fashionista fly net hat while taking a break and most likely waiting for me to catch up.

OMG... When is this ever going to end?
Mountain reflecting from the tiny lake at Ormiston Gorge
Finally after 3 hours of trekking

Ormiston Gorge  8495 Namatjira Drive, Mount Zeil NT 0872, Australia  visit site

A reflection of myself with the sunset
Driving to the Uluru

The picture above is a hint on the main destination and that’s how this campervan trip happened in the first place. The buddy, E picked the vacation spot as her 40th birthday celebratory trip. The location to be revealed in the next post so stay tuned! 

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