NT Australia - Eagle soaring in the sky

NT Australia: Alice Springs Desert Park & Anzac Hill

NT Australia - Alice Springs - Entrance to Slice Springs

We probably spent about 2-3 hours casually strolling around Alice Springs Desert Park.🌵 This place is inspired to portray Australia’s central desert environment with plants and wild animals packed into one conservation facility. As mentioned earlier, a great place for kids to learn about the desert and the wild life in nature. Our young hearts were especially amused by the Thorny devil reptiles🦎 in the later part of this post.

NT Australia - Alice Springs - Alice Springs Desert Park

Alice Springs Desert Park
 Larapinta Drive, PO Box 1120, Alice Springs NT 0871
 visit site
 37AUD per adult

NT Australia - History in illustration

An interesting board of the history concised in illustration style. 

Fear not… the reptiles were safely kept within glass displays so it’s not dangerous in case you’re wondering at how close I captured these images. The desert skink looked really familiar. I reckoned that it’s the same reptile I saw back in my Macritchie post.

NT Australia - Snake hiding under the spike bush
NT Australia - Central netted dragon & Thorny devil

And my favourite reptile… the Thorny Devil. It looked like a reptile version of a mini rhinoceros from the side view… no?

NT Australia - Thorny devil hiding out

First, the reptiles. Now we bird watch. The buddies below were super friendly, not afraid to run around and explore with us humans. 

NT Australia - These buddies are just not afraid of humans
NT Australia - Pink leg birds
NT Australia - Zebra finch birds
NT Australia - Eagle soaring in the sky

The Whistling Kite hawk soaring during the free flight birds performance at the natural theatre.

NT Australia - Eagle soaring at bird show

The Barn Owl looks really cute with it’s heart-shaped pear face.

NT Australia - Owl looking serious

The Bush stone-curlew is quite the funny bird walking with confidence!

NT Australia - Funny bird walking around
NT Australia - Alice Springs Desert Park - The amazing colors in desert park
Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!
– by Chief Seattle

Alice springs

NT Australia - Alice Springs - Town

The day we finally had breakfast in a cafe was at a highly recommended cafe called Page 27. They served tasty food and great coffee! It was so awesome that we just had to visit again on our return drive. Do note that the shops in town closes as early as 4pm in case you’re planning a visit.

We spotted a yellow-throated miner at ANZAC hill.

NT Australia - Alice Springs - Yellow beak bird in Anzac Hill


NT Australia - Alice Springs - Anzac Hill memorial statue

A memorial was built in memory of the soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps killed during World War I. Anzac Hill is now at the centre of the annual Anzac Day remembrance events.

NT Australia - Alice Springs - Anzac Hill in the day view 2NT Australia - Alice Springs - Anzac Hill during sunset

Slide the arrows above to see ANZAC hill by day and during sunset.

NT Australia - Alice Springs - Sunset with lens flare in Anzac Hill
NT Australia - Tennant Creek - Triangle campervan

We stayed at the BIG4 Macdonnell Range Holiday Park which was the most “luxurious” campervan park of our entire trip. It was like a big theme park with many facilities catered best for families. They have a gaming & tv room, trampoline area, a swimming pool, a gym and a reading/lounge room. There’s even a place to rent go-karts and gives out free pancakes on Sundays. *Whutttt~*

Even though the stay in Alice Springs was luxurious, I wanna show pictures of the amazing sunset and milky way night sky in Tennant Creek instead! It was a real challenge trying to take pictures of the crescent moon and milky sky without a tripod. I’m super stoked that I managed to take pretty decent photos of what we saw. We don’t get to stargaze much back home so this was a mesmerising sight for us.

NT Australia - Tennant Creek - Crescent moon overlooking
NT Australia - Tennant Creek - Crescent moon overlooking

Isn’t this super sparkly✨and pretty? 💜💜💜

NT Australia - Tennant Creek - Vast milky way sky
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