new york: thousand island and the castles (day 4)

i could really use a whole bunch of my trip photos as postcards. they all look awesome although i’m not gona lie and say it came straight from the camera. there were some levels & contrast done to enhance the pictures because it has to justify the beauty of the place.

thousand island is between the united states and canada. we were told by the guide that there were more than 1000 islands but they kept the name “thousand island” because then they would have to keep changing the salad dressing name. it didn’t cross my mind that the salad dressing originated from this place until he mentioned.. i was like “orrrrrhhh~”, slow or what?

it was really piercing sunny until most of the time i couldn’t see how my photos turned out on the display panel but it was still nice to feel the breeze, watch people riding their speed boat and dipping around the island. did i mention to own an island of your own? you have to be filthy rich! it’s insane, i shake head.

i love this tiny island with ONE house on it. it’s like a toy house. imagine running out of the door and diving straight into the water. woot! then the guide commented, “the people in that house better not have sleepwalk problem.” indeeddd….loldo you see the cute teeny weeny colorful bike on the lawn?papa john brought the new chicks to town.we had the worst coach guide but this picture i love. caught it at golden hour while she was making an announcement. this is ♥ ♥ ♥

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