new york: the bustling city (day 1)

slowly but surely i’m catching up on the blog post of my travelogue that happened like a month back. from mexico, the first destination to the next 3 weeks in nyc. to be honest, i didn’t really dig nyc but after going through my pictures i actually do enjoy the times spent there after all. i thought the pictures would turn out sucky cause’ i wasn’t feeling it then but now looking back at it i think i did a decent job of capturing the essence of the bustling city in some? maybe..

the first place we explored was chinatown and boy i must say our chinatown is much cleaner haha. it’s not really pleasing when you hear or see chinaman spitting. i can truly understand our friend, HL who owns a wine shop in chinatown when she said she gets furious and yells at them when she got spat on.

firearms & police equipment distributor easily accessible along the city. if i could, i would ask john jovino to sell me that pistol……………. signage.

i will definitely cross the street with a pow wow and a pow wow wow!

and we met paul frank.

according to HL, Eileen’s pastry shop ranks one of the top 5 must try listed by food network channel.

being an awesome tour guide, HL brings us to the corner deli which was a film location for err.. can’t remember the love movie she mentioned. and she said, it’s highly possible to spot a celebrity here but we sway.. never bump into any.

this, i thought was quite a cinematography shot. but the typical kind haha. what to do? everywhere look the same.

on instagram, i see new yorkers post pictures of bicycle commuters and i finally see it myself.. very suaku tourist.

vintage much! seeing this picture, i want to film coco chanel part 2 movie in french… “Bonjour, mes amis” (hello my friendsssss).

she is like i met alison mosshart or drew barrymore.

let’s all gather up and sing the national anthem.

converse really wants you to wear sneakers. in your face!

how often do you go “i would like a turkey testicle, pork brain and a bull penis please?”

japan and its porn made their way to nyc and it’s really famous apparently.

looking forward to their bull’s penis lol! ok i’m kidding, we chinese are very conservative.. we ordered ramen nia..

8th street, the station we alight everyday to go to HL’s place in staten island.

to be continued…

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