new york: rock’a’city (day 9-11)

as mentioned on the previous post, we went crabbing on hl’s birthday. though crabbing was kinda dirty, it was rather fun. we went around in a boat without motor unfortunately. by the time we queued, the motorboats were gone. i remembered canoeing like motherfarking mad under the blazing sun but whenever i caught a crab, it was worthwhile.

at one point, some of us had 2 baits. one with our hands and the other… coiled around my foot.hl gave a good cast. the bait looking like chicken..hahawe actually caught like a big icebox full of crabs. 10 we head out to finally visit the famous lady of nyc, lady liberty. thankfully, i had my zoom lens with me otherwise i would have ended up with a really small chinese with their superstitions, new yorkers have their own superstitions with the wall street charging bull. very crudely, we were told that touching the balls of the bull will bring us good luck. In summary, the bull appeared out of nowhere, nobody knew of how it came about and brought a good change to the stock exchange’s downfall. it was a really wtf mystery. hl highly recomended the five guys burger. the concept is similar to out “fatboys burger”. build your own juicy burger! but honestly, i still prefer 11, we came across a thrift store and while shopping, we saw this funky hair dude.the highlight for me was my birthday gift the gals got me. a gig to watch ‘the drums’ & ‘bloc party’ at the terminal! the most awesome gift!

after the gig, we went to a lesbian bar called ‘the cubbyhole’ and it was kinda awkward ahha. it’s a tiny bar place filled with their regular crowd go-ers so mostly we were awkwardly hanging out amongst ourselves, drinking, listening to the jukebox playing retro classics and people watching. I think we were there for like only an hour. ha. but the interior of the bar is rather interesting.

we were out till really late for the first time. it was about 4am in the morning and i thought it wasn’t as scary as i had imagined it to be at the subway (thankfully!).

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