new york: rock’a’city (day 7)

Back from the nature of niagara falls, we visited the famous St. patrick’s cathedral in the heart of the busy city, madison avenue. I’m one whom doesn’t stand strongly on religious grounds but it’s always an eye opener to visit the shrines of many religions. I always wonder back in those days how do they build such an intricate building. Imagine sculpturing on high ground… I would die of height fright already.

It would be dumb if our whole nyc trip we didn’t get to see the cityscape. Instead of going up the Empire state building, hl suggested going up Rockafella building which was a better choice. Why? Because then from rockfella, we can see the needle pointy empire state building, where king kong climbed. ah huh. and that below picture is showing the big ass central park.  we, all theee chinese tourist must see the film location of the big ape, king kong.and this is grand central terminal. if you’re wondering, one of the first flash mob happened in this train station. watch the “frozen grand central” herehl then brought us to the basement to try magnolia bakery’s cupcake which was apparently made famous from the show “sex and the city”. it is… TOO SWEET! ohmytian. while hl had work, we were on our own. Joel chose to watch broadway show with tony and i dragged wy to greenpoint station to hunt for vinyl record stores. I finally bought records off “Permanent Records” from the store, off the racks physically instead of getting it online! sweet! i really like the vibe of the neighbourhood. less “city”.dawn came, hl & tony drove us to this park at brooklyn to have another view of the cityscape at night. spot empire state again! we thought the park would be creepy but it was brightly lit, filled with park go-ers. not as unsafe as people mentioned. worth making a trip to.

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