new york: central park (day 12) – till then

Hello and goodbye to the last post of thee slowest travelogue entries everrrr. as usual, the swamped with work, some great some crazy some just ain’t worth the mention. the on & off trips to the hospital that nobody wishes (to visit the gf’s dad), some house parties to balance out the bads.. and i’ve made it through november. december seemed like another month of mad rush so i’m actually looking forward to 2013 instead where i’ll hopefully be able to get some rest.

And here goes, the last bits & pieces of my US trip.

Central park, the place that appeared in many films, to mention some: ‘eat pray love’, ‘men in black’, ‘extremely loud and incredibly close’, ‘romeo & juliet’ and many more. central park is freaking huge, as you can see from the top view taken from rockafella in this post. So hl only brought us to the more significant movie scene areas.

getting all romantic and rowing a boat in central park is like a quick getaway from the hectic city life.

we couldn’t help ourselves when we spotted the chinese tourist sticking his leg into the fountain and so we did the imitation of the infamous “how the chinese take pictures” funnymail blog. see more funny stunts here. i think i look ridiculous with my glasses on my forehead carrying a tiny domokun bag. -_- the bag let me clarify? is not mine. I was helping hl’s son to carry. And damn that domo bag in felt material was very hot to carry around under the blazing weather.

many tourist, not very romantic

the poodle and the twins. the twins looked like they were getting ready to get spanked on the butts by the sprinklers.

the artist who had 2 large canvas on the ground, painting with a huge ass brush documenting the landscape. i actually think this is quite cool. just imagine the 20mins walk out, all you see is fast paced workers, honking of vehicles & concrete jungle of buildings… in here…namaste my friends… namaste.

this is the very hot domo bag enjoying the picnic we laid out. central park is filled with people laying on mats sleeping, reading books, romancing.

one of river’s plentiful gadgets other than the frisbee and kite hl brought along.


even uncle wants to join in the fun of rolling in the deep..

horse riding for a mini tour around the park is not free by the way. but if you want to feel like royalty and wave your hands like a queen, try it.

the FAO Schwarz flagship store near the big apple, children’s paradise.

but this is freaky..

and that’s all folks! o.m.g my trip post are so slow, i’m gona blog on bangkok, thailand that happened 2mths back (october) soonest before i get piled on with the next trip to korea. i really do hope we get to go, so fingers cross! xx

ciao bella~

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