My First Pokemon Go Safari Event Ever

PS: This is a #throwback post. A year has passed with the recent Taiwan Pokemon Go Safari event reminding me of my trip last year so it’s high time I start blogging about it before another year flies by. I’ve been playing Pokemon Go since the first day it released. Even though I took a few months break from the game, once I got back into it, I was fairly religiously into it. I’m not super crazy, but I was definitely on the app at least a few times a day. My friends thought I was kinda obsessed, little did they know, the people around me are pure hardcore! Even the elderly in my hood don’t fall behind.

If you think the game is dead, you’re so wrong and it only just keeps getting growing. So as the title of this post goes, I experienced my first Pokemon Go Safari event last year in Tainan, Taiwan with a couple of the Pokemon mates. It was freaking hot and we came back probably 3 shades darker but the venue though.. couldn’t be better. The event was held at the New Taipei Metropolitan Park where the Chi Mei museum was. If we were kinda tired from staring at our phones for hours, we could pay a small fee to get into the museum, enjoy the air conditioning and be marvelled by the artwork on exhibit.

Tainan - Pokemon Go Safari Event - Pokemons

But first, breakfast! We googled and found a cafe (Wudao cafe) near our hostel with really good reviews so we decided to check it out. It was a very cozy cafe with interesting deco. The presentation of the food was as delicious as it looked!

Tainan - Wudao Cafe

熨斗目花珈琲 珈哩WUDAO cafe
 No. 90號, Xinmei Street, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan 700
 visit site

Pokemon Go Safari Event

Tainan - Pokemon Go Safari Event - Balloon at the event

Tainan Metropolitan Park 台南都會公園

It’s mind-blowing to see so many lured pokestops in a row. I couldn’t wait to get started and it’s always an amazing feeling to tap on a shiny pokemon. Having said that, the beginning is always exciting until you’ve played more than 3 hours walking non-stop under the hot sun. One word.. exhaustion. The event went on for 5 days by the way. Since we paid for the air ticket and accommodation etc.. being typical Singaporeans, it’s in our blood to make full use of as many days as we can. I haven’t been to Tainan and google tells me that Tainan is a place where I can be inspired by the art scene. There’s no way I’ll give that a miss.

So I made plans to visit some of the places that sparked my interest. This could also be my first experience of doing a semi-solo trip. *Excites* Come to think about it, I only had 1 day to myself… totally not even considered a semi-solo trip lol. The event in the park starts from 10.30am to 4.30pm, that’s 6 hours! Mostly, I was too busy trying to catch ’em all and lugging a camera around would be too heavy and tedious for a 6 hour stance. But the sunset view at Chi Mei Museum is not to be missed hence I had to bring my cam along one of those days. I can at least share some pictures of the event in this post.

Tainan - Pokemon Go Safari Event - Players engrossed in catching
Tainan - Pokemon Go Safari Event - Pet owners giving their dog water

Chi Mei Museum 奇美博物館

Tainan - Pokemon Go Safari Event - Chimei Museum
Tainan - Pokemon Go Safari Event - Chimei museum intricate roof
Tainan - Pokemon Go Safari Event - Chimei museum lobby area

Photography wasn’t allowed within the museum where the artworks are held so I can only share the lobby entrance. And we finally managed to take a nice almost complete group picture. Personally, I wouldn’t bother queueing to take picture with the mascots but because we had Anna around, we went ahead and thankfully we did because this was the only group picture we had. Too bad Leo was nowhere to be found and he missed out. You snooze you lose. 😝

Tainan - Pokemon Go Safari Event - Lake around Chimei museum
Tainan - Pokemon Go Safari Event - View of the Chimei museum from the lake
Tainan - Pokemon Go Safari Event - Up close view of Chimei museum
Tainan - Pokemon Go Safari Event - Sunset along Chimei museum

Chi Mei Museum looks super awesome when the sun sets too. Especially the sculptures near the entrance of the park. Stunning!

Tainan - Pokemon Go Safari Event - Main statue fountain

Chi Mei Museum 奇美博物館
 No. 66號, Section 2, Wenhua Road, Rende District, Tainan City, Taiwan 71755
 visit site

Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park 藍晒圖文創園區

Tainan - Blueprint cultural & creative park

Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park 藍晒圖文創園區
 Lane 689, Section 1, Ximen Road, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan 702
 visit site

The night was still young after the event so we visited the Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park on one of the nights. Amazing place! Loved the vibe, the mini shops with local designer goods and the graffiti walls. Even the souvenir shop, I love. You know how you walk into most souvenir shops and try to find some nice gifts for your friends back home but you can only find typical looking postcards of places of interest, cheesy looking fridge magnets, keychains and outdated designs everywhere from coasters to tee shirt and tote bags. The gifts here has much nicer designs and some really interesting items. Knowing that this park is a space for local designers to showcase their work, it makes a lot of sense. Best part, the entrance is free.

Tainan - Blueprint cultural & creative park - Colourful light show
Tainan - Blueprint cultural & creative park - Candybird work up close

Stay tune for the next post exploring Tainan…

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