mexico: now jade riviera cancun

Meh-hee-ko~ is beautiful. The 20+ hr flight is not for nothing and though I’m no longer this sunshine girl that wants to get a healthy tan (I prefer to look like a pale walking dead, idk maybe I’ll like to look like a Tim Burton character..hur..) and I lost my freaking Iphone (the usual muddle headed me), I still manage to enjoy the tropical vacation. Most importantly, to witness a heartwarming wedding. Probably the most romantic setting & extravagant wedding I’ll ever attend in my life! The thought of going on a vacation in Mexico is? Never.. So I’m kinda glad that with this chance of a lifetime, I get to chop Cancun on my passport.

pools that overlook the sea are always awesome

the small flea market of artist displaying their artwork and crafts for sale.. quite steady pom pee pee

ah mun’s first expenditure is this fatass gecko…
monkey sculpts of see no, hear no, speak no evil… suddenly don’t know why on the right corner, the buddha statue also hear no evil
wanted to get a ring from this stall but according to the owner it’s made of fish bone or something.. cost 30USD.. nahia~

day 2 – ling & tony’s wedding event to be continued…

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  • Cheryl Chan
    Posted at 06:36h, 13 August Reply

    I love the sea! and is that infinity pool?

    • ClashBoomBand says
      Posted at 12:20h, 14 August Reply

      hello Cheryl :) I love the beach too! the pool is actually not an infinity pool. but it does look like it from the angle I shot :D

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