Melbourne Day 05 [ Airborne Twist ]

While we’re at Mt. Buller, there was a Subaru Interschool Snowsports Championship competition going on. An eye-opener for us while we watch the girls do their airborne spins.

PS: This is a gif heavy post. Be prepared for animation to da max!




Super random act cool posers. haha

We noticed 2 distinctive stunts. The 360 spin land which looks freaking difficult. I think if I did that I’ll probably land on my face.

And the 2nd one is the airborne split! Can imagine panty wedgie man. doh!

After watching, we were very inspired so we did our own version of airborne stunts. I shall name ant’s version, “whisper carefree airborne” LOL

Monkie’s “Budhha jump over the snow airborne”

Wy’s “leg grabbing hi-jump airborne”

Joel’s “faster get over with it airborne”

And my “666 rockabilly swagger airborne” :D

We did a couple of jumps together but I’ll spare your eyes from going kuku.

These 3 crazy people came up with a rendition of many hands god but fail! Look like human centipede instead. whaha!

I gif kids too.

His mom actually let him crawl down the steep hill. I was like woh! If it was a singaporean mom, she would have freaked out and scream at the kid.

And that is all. End of white party.

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