Macritchie Treetop Walk

So after an unintentional hiatus, I’m posting a casual and short entry. Lyndon flew over to visit Agnes (which I refer to as sis & my occasional guest blogger – see her entries of China & England). We made plans to do some healthy activities. Instead of visiting touristy places, we chose to spend half a day at the Macritchie Treetop Walk via Venus Drive entrance and had lunch at a neighbourhood mall.

Even when Singapore is summer all year round, we had a great time in a very sweaty yet healthy manner! We managed to see some wildlife that we weren’t expecting. I must say, our parks and nature reserves are pleasant enough and worth the visit.

I contemplated on lugging my Olympus EM1 and ended up using the Olympus pen. The photos my pen produced are still pretty decent and it still amazes me sometimes.

I’m amused that there’s even a pokemon gym on the treetop walk in the middle of the “wilderness”. Must get sis to model her arm by holding my phone with the pokemon app screen. 

Just look at the number of wild life we spotted. Totally unexpected within a 2hr plus timeframe. Thank god I wasn’t looking at my phone when the snake slither by. Otherwise… byebye.

Ending off the post with a commemoration to our hours well spent, I took a picture with the gentle giants. And the highlight of my entire Macritchie walk photo journal goes to a reptile… the common sun skink! Look how beautiful and #awardwinning the skin is.

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