Krabi: The Lions Go Out To Play

Back in August, 2 different personalities, character, religion with one thing in common, which is the same day where we first see light of this world came together to conquer… Krabi. So over 3 different type of transportation within a day, the plane in the sky, the van on land and the longtail boat over sea, we arrived at the heart of Railay Beach, Sand Sea Resort our accommodation. Such powerful landing, we thought we could conquer, the whole expectations vs reality thingy, we ended up drench most of the time. Totally forgotten that it was the monsoon season. Since we were there for 4 days 3 nights and most days were just gloomy and rainy, we did nothing much except for eat, sleep and minimal walking.

But yet, there was something calming about this trip. Feels like the olden kampong days. Not that I’ve experience kampong days but you know what I mean la. Nature, the huts, the make-do walkways, boat ride to places.

DAY 01

Heaven was kind to us on the first day. We were still able to see broccoli mountains.


A short stroll to the shore from our hotel lobby. Not bad at all.

Even though it was to our disadvantage that it was going to rain, the skies turned out really dramatic and nice to photograph.

We were really surprised at how big our rooms were and we paid a promotional price for it. *thumbs up!*

Immediately after settling down, we explored the shops around Railay beach. There wasn’t much. Just a couple of restaurants, convenience store, nail salon, massage salon, tour agents and snack bar. Basically we covered Railay beach in like 20mins.

Our favourite sinful dessert throughout our trip, the chocolate banana crepe which was more like crispy indian prata. Chocolate and banana can never go wrong.

Before sunset, the high tide that brought us to our hotel subsided and this is what was left. So kampong so nice. Almost wanted to wrestle my friends in the mud but nah~ to many weird sticks poking out.

Holy crab! Plentiful supply of small crabs once the tide was low. We watch them form cliques and fight for a good while since we had nothing better to do.

Strangely, we enjoyed ourselves on this long “bridge” by taking slow strolls out to sea and taking pictures.

The picture wasn’t photoshopped. The difference between the neatly row of shops vs the chaotic mix of mud, roots and broken boats… pretty amazing eh?

A boxing ring amongst the restaurants. Some nights, the common nightlife performances included shows like live band, fire eating and thai boxing. Totally random.

DAY 02

The second day, I actually planned for us to go for the full day 4 island tour but it got cancelled due to bad weather. Nobody on the island could leave so everyone was stuck. Come to think of it, it’s quite scary to be stuck on an island huh. Thankfully, the sales person suggested that we could take a longtail boat right out to the jetty and with a hired van driver, we could go on a rainforest tour which included the hot spring, emerald pool and tiger cave temple. We got lucky with the setoff time. Managed to have our lunch while we waited for our boat ride.




Loving the color palette of nature. Brown + Orange + Green.

After about a 20mins walk, we found the emerald pool.

Another 15 mins walk in the mud, we got to the blue pool which was even more amazing. I was kind of skeptical of the pictures found on the internet at first so I randomly asked a caucasian walking back if the pool was really blue and she said yes. And so, presenting the blue pool. Ta-dah!

I thought I’ll just share this picture below because I was trying to take a selfie with my camera which failed and realised the focus point was off and I accidentally captured Ina trying to climb back up while Wy was pointing at the blue pool which resulted in this funny picture. Like we’re taking a piss out of her but it was unintentional.


The next spot, the rocky hot spring which was a tad too crowded for us. We ended up in the common hot spring area.

And finally the tiger cave temple which we didn’t had enough time to climb because we ventured out too late. We were trying to catch the last boat back for us.

DAY 03

On the third day we visited Krabi town that were filled with tents of food stalls. We had to brave the rain that come and go too often with our pathetic overused ponchos.


After spending a few days in Krabi, we were experts in wearing our ponchos because the rain always strike at lightning speed. The moment we saw the boat driver put on his poncho, we immediately whip out our ponchos and like within 3 secs, there was a huge downpour. Ina was so afraid of the heavy rain that made the boat rock in the dark that she refused to talk to us lol. On the way back, we had to walk the stretch of make-do bridge, she literally fly past because she was so afraid the bridge would give way.

The only light source on the boat. Charis was so hungry that she gobbled down her food in the rocking boat haha.

The friends managed to give myself & Ina a surprise by arranging the hotel staff to bring in cakes but they were half an hour late. The very gay staff sashayed in with the cakes and sang us birthday song. We were so shocked to see 2 cakes instead of 1. As expected, we didn’t even manage to eat 1/4 of each cake.

Finally, the day to depart arrived. On our last day, the weather was exceptionally good wtf. If we had stayed another day, we could have gone on the 4 island tour but alas, how unfortunate. So different compared to our first day in Krabi.


Men at work.


I shall look forward to return and visit on better days. See you again, Krabi.


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