Japan: Hakodate, Just Strolling


On our last day in Hakodate, we took the tram and strolled around the city. It was amongst one of the peaceful times of our trip. We walked on the melting snow exploring old post office buildings and the scenic mountain views were just super surreal.

Japan - Hakodate - View from hotel

Those rare chances we get to have a group shot of such CD cover album worthy pictures. And of course, we grab every chance we get.

Japan - Hakodate - A snowy group shot

We went back to the Hakodate morning market for breakfast because we just couldn’t resist all the fresh seafood. We chanced upon a cafe, Saltim Bocca the night before which served pancakes and crepes. Desserts made me excited the whole morning. The best thing about the cafe was not only the desserts but they had illy coffee. Reminded us of our Europe coffee sessions which we enjoyed very much. I love love love the below picture. So candid!

After spending a good few hours chilling at the cafe and waiting for the rain to cease, we made our way to Cape Tachmachi. Unfortunately, the cliff area was closed. The rainy weather made the cliff too dangerous to visit so we made our way through the narrow pavements of private houses to an edge where we could see the sea. I guess it’s better than nothing.

With nothing much left to explore, we had early dinner at an authentic-looking restaurant. According to the menu, it has been around for 66 years? Amazeballs! Horan restaurant serves clear broth ramen. Then suddenly Wy & Ant went missing for quite a while and we started getting a little worried. But they came back with flowers to surprise us (Eileen & myself) for Valentine’s day. How sweet of them!

Not to be a wet blanket though but I told Wy if she bought me Gudetama egg toys, I would have been even happier lol. Not so much of a romantic person eh.

Initially, I wanted to blog this short entry with our Mount Fuji’s 3D2N stay but I reckoned I should dedicate a whole freaking entry on the magnificence of Mount Fuji. So Mount Fuji post to be continued real soon. Peace out.

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