Japan: Gotokuji Temple, Shibuya, Shinjuku & Shimokitazawa

Japan - Saw hard rock cafe by chance
Japan - On the streets small alley

The Japan post entries felt like forever or something. Finally, this is the last post of our trip. So on my previous post, we visited the Nissin cup noodle museum. We head over to Gotokuji temple after which. Gotokuji temple, in a quaint neighborhood, is definitely one of the interesting places in Tokyo. I mean like seriously, a temple filled with Maneki-neko (cats)? We wouldn’t give that a miss! Not real cats but the famous ceramic beckoning cats. Beckoning cats are what shop owners place in front of their shop hypnotizing consumers with their waving hands to spend money in their shop. In short, a good luck charm. I was really excited for my bro because he loves such things. I thought I could buy a souvenir for him but turns out it wasn’t for sale. Visitors purchase the figurines and place them in the temple as a gratitude act.

Gotokuji Temple

Japan - Gotokuji Temple - Keeping the temple clean
Japan - Gotokuji Temple - Temple entrance
Japan - Gotokuji Temple - View of the shrine with bonsai looking trees
Japan - Gotokuji Temple - Locals visiting the temple

Too bad it wasn’t spring. Imagine the shrine filled with beautiful cherry blossoms? 

Japan - Gotokuji Temple - Wooden well wishes
Japan - Gotokuji Temple - Ceramic neko for good luck
Japan - Gotokuji Temple - Cute to see so many of the neko cats
Japan - Gotokuji Temple - Neko close up

Loads of cats in different sizes! Somehow it felt therapeutic staring at them.

Gotokuji Temple
 Tokyo-to, Setagaya-ku, Gotokuji 2-24-7
 visit site

Japan - Gotokuji Temple - Temple entrance
Japan - Gotokuji Temple - Counter to buy the neko or wooden wishes
Japan - Gotokuji Temple - The couple bought a wooden one
Japan - Gotokuji Temple - Elsa chilling by the bench
Japan - Gotokuji Temple - Kid playing near the temple
Japan - Gotokuji Temple - Kids cycling around
Japan - Gotokuji Temple - Leaving the temple
Japan - Gotokuji Temple - Beautiful pink flower spotted
Japan - Bustling street with locals
Japan - Cat sticker on street pole

Shibuya crossing

Japan - Shibuya Crossing
Japan - Shibuya - Complicated crossing


On our last day, we explored the area where our accommodation was, Shinjuku. Breakfast at Sarabeth’s was really good! Eggs benedict dishes are usually a safe choice so I can’t really comment based on that. But the mac and cheese that Ant ordered were in the freaking spotlight! Best mac and cheese we probably had in our lives.

 1-8-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo TEKKO BUILDING. 2,3F
 visit site

Japan - Shinjuku - Mohumohu Owl Cafe

It’s not an uncommon sight for tourist to visit an owl cafe in Japan. And yes, we just had to go play with some stoning birds and have a stare-down competition. But of course, we lost to those cute creatures with big round eyes. The Mohumohu cafe doesn’t exactly operate like a cafe. We queued at the entrance, paid fee, chose a drink and selfie with the owls. If you’re someone who cannot bear seeing the owls get chained on their feet to the bar, I would advise you not to go.

The shop owner was really mischievous. He placed the owls on our heads and teased around. Fortunately, I had great instinct that day and felt that it was time for the owl to go back to the poles. As soon as I let it off my head, I witnessed the owl pooped right in front of me. Thank goodness gracious me! Eileen however, the owner kept saying it pooped on her hair trying to tease her eventually became real. Damn suay lor (jinxed) his mouth.

Japan - Shinjuku Mohumohu Owl Cafe - vibrant orange eyes
Japan - Shinjuku Mohumohu Owl Cafe - Cute barn owls

Absolutely adore this pair of docile looking owl. They looked like a couple of lovebirds or like pear fruits cut into half haha.


Japan - Shimokitazawa - Indie street

And finally, Shimokitazawa, officially my favorite place in Tokyo hands down. I love all the nitty gritty, vintage and thrift shops. If there’s any indie street in Tokyo, Shimokitazawa is definitely it. Too bad we didn’t have much time left, otherwise I suppose I’ll take a really long walk here. Guess I’ll have to wait till the next time I visit Tokyo again. 

Japan - Shimokitazawa - One of the bigger thrift shops here

Because we’re poser-ish and gangsta like this.

Japan - Shimokitazawa - Posing with the colorful street
Japan - Shimokitazawa - Random shop mannequins
Japan - Shimokitazawa - Candid shot of my friends
Japan - Shimokitazawa - Nice indie street to visit

To sum the entire Japan trip, it has been none other than kind. In terms of everything from the weather, food and to the hospitality of the people. We experienced snow blizzard fortunately for only 2 days, clear blue skies during our Mount Fuji stay, every meal was a blessing and people who offered their help with directions voluntarily. I was told by a close friend many years back that she didn’t get any shit help when she approached the locals for direction. Everybody ignored her. So I didn’t want to ask for help unless absolutely required. To my pleasant surprise, the locals were nothing but helpful. Sorry babe, you were probably at the wrong place at the wrong time.

HOWEVER! We did spend like ALOT on this trip and it’s not even shopping expenditures. The transport and the hotel accommodations were the killers! But all was worth it in the end. We will definitely be savvier the next time we plan a Japan trip again. Till we meet again ?? 日本 .

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