Hong Kong: Eat, Play, Love

I drafted this post while Hong Kong is struggling with protest over the anti-extradition bill. I wasn’t sure if it was a good time to publish it. Just last year, we went on a short vacation to Hong Kong to take a break from work and had a great time so it’s sad to see this year the locals have to go through so much to fight for their rights. I hope they get through the ordeal soon. Just like how we enjoyed our holiday, I shall reminisce with the throwback of our re-visiting trip to the vibrant & beautiful mess of Hong Kong.

I didn’t have much time to research on where I wanted us to go because I was rushing work weeks before. I literally worked till the very last minute before heading to the airport. So my plans were to just take it easy and not rush through places. At the airport, I googled a few places and came to an impromptu decision that it would be a pokemon and photography trip. Which is to visit places that are insta-worthy and bringing mew (pokemon) along to places we visit.

Rainbow Estate 🌈 彩虹邨

Of all the places recommended by this article, I only picked 2 places. And one of them is this colourful location, Choi Hung Estate. We had an early flight so before we even check-in to our accommodation, we visited the rainbow estate quite early in the morning. Thankfully, it wasn’t crowded. I didn’t get to read this post which was posted 3 months before our trip, so oops! In our defence, we didn’t mop around the ground with our body taking selfies lol. It was quiet, quick and harmless. We just took a couple of pictures and some AR (augmented reality) shots and made our way to the next destination. See my mew? Is it cute or is it cute? hehe

Hong Kong - Rainbow Estate - Basketball court full view
Hong Kong - Rainbow Estate - Basketball court

Yick Cheong Building 🏢 益昌大廈

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Our 2nd insta-worthy place we visited is the Yik Cheong Building also well known as the Monster Building. And now we know why it has such a name to it because of the notoriously cramp tall flats. Making it a unique place to photograph. If you’re planning to visit, be cautious not to disturb the residents.

Having visited the place, other than the monster building being featured in the Transformer, I noticed the building was also featured in some korean music videos that I probably wouldn’t have noticed usually. Sharing is caring. Watch the 2 MV below & enjoy the songs. 👍🏻

Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam – Cave Me In  Genre: Hiphop / R&B

The Rose – BABY Genre: Indie / Rock

We’ve been to Hong Kong so many times but honestly, I haven’t sat on the tram before. It was a great time for us to hop on these trams that loops around without a destination in mind to explore the places it will lead us to… #cheapthrills.

Some of the street art we saw. The koi artwork looks awesome! 

PMQ 元創方

We visited this cool ass hipster creative space with great vibes that were only founded in 2014. Used to be the Police Married Quarters now transformed into a community space where local creative creators showcase their work.

I remembered seeing some post on Instagram about an interesting fusion bao place (Little Bao) just around the corner of PMQ. It was a really great location and we were fortunate enough to visit their original space before they close doors at soho. Frankly, the bao was a tad expensive BUT… the portion was bigger than expected. We had the pork belly bao and the fried chicken bao and both the baos were really yums!

The Fluffy House cafe was another place on my list. As a mini collector of their toys, I had to check out the cafe. To my pleasant surprise, the carbonara with the white cloud (egg white) tasted really good! The cafe ambient was cosy with decorations of the Fluffy characters. Isn’t it just too cute?

I’ve been to Hong Kong a couple of times and there is one place my friends have visited except me. This time round, I thought I should go have a look myself. And that is in Lantau Island, the Tian Tan big buddha. Be prepared to climb the flight of stairs to get to the top where the magnificient big buddha and other deities statues sits.

The effort to climb up is worth it. Impressive size in comparison to the humans trying to make their way up to pay respect.

Till then… Hong Kong!

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