Ghent: Chasing Art on Bikes (Day 8)

Ghent, filled with students & the youths since it is where the universities were.

The day I was looking forward to. We traveled to Ghent which I regret not heading over earlier. I was thinking if the bike tour of 2hrs could cover the 54 wall murals by various artist as stated by some guide online, we should be able to do that own time own target. But never did I expect the bike rental would have a deposit of 100 over euros for our 4 bikes in which per bike was only 7€. And we were only left with 5hrs usage and had to return by 6.30pm, the closing time. We had to do that otherwise we would have to return the next day to get back our deposit.. dang. And the most important thing we overlooked, we overestimated our physical self  riding those bicycles.


Expect slopes and expect bikes that after adjusting the seat suspension, it’s still not low enough for the short asian height.. pffttt. I was tiptoeing so much I could have cramped up a no. of times. Thankfully, when I got the hang of it, it was ok. Good thing about riding a motorcycle…. trained my balancing. I guess 2hr bike tour was really for them. They usually commute with bikes and are physically fit for it. The slopes were too crazy for my weak legs. But quite proud that we managed to maneuver our way and found quite a few wall works (I wished we spot more black & white sketchy drawings though.. wasted). We had to skip the Saint Bavo’s Catheral, rode pass the St. Michael’s bridge instead of stopping and admiring. A good thing we rented the bike otherwise I doubt we could even cover more than 5 graffiti works.

ghent8-04 ghent8-02 ghent8-03 ghent8-05 ghent8-09 ghent8-10 ghent8-11ghent8-06 ghent8-07 ghent8-08

The picture below totally made me feel like 2 cowboys will walk out of a western bar and have a shootout.

ghent8-12 ghent8-13ghent8-17ghent8-14

Thanks to A, she was the one looking at the Concrete Canvas Tour map and directing us on our bikes. Lessen my job. I just had to document it with the camera. It was kind of hectic but I must say, it was really fun. Like treasure hunting or something.

The cleaning business has their own pin-up girl illustration on the shutters, how sexy is that?

ghent8-15 ghent8-16  ghent8-18ghent8-19

Makes such a vibrant backdrop for the friends. See what I mean by the tall bikes? Check out E tiptoeing in the photo below. And she’s like an ex-stewardess I’m like alot shorter than her. Thinking about it, my butt hurts.

ghent8-20ghent8-21 ghent8-22 ghent8-24 ghent8-25

The hip-hop in me decides to touch Snoop hotdog’s goldchain. I believe the *ka-ching* brings me prosperity.

ghent8-26 ghent8-27 ghent8-28ghent8-30

ghent8-33 ghent8-34ghent8-35ghent8-36 ghent8-37 ghent8-38 ghent8-39 ghent8-40 ghent8-41 ghent8-42

Loving the colors below. So awesome!


One of my favorite piece! That mechanic koi is going to pop out of the wall. #illusion

ghent8-44ghent8-45 ghent8-46  ghent8-48 ghent8-49
ghent8-51ghent8-52 ghent8-53

We made it back on time thankfully!

ghent8-54 ghent8-55

After hunting all the murals down, we were really famished. We went all the way back to Brussels and ended up in this restaurant called Brasserie Jaloa which I want to talk about because I’ve had one of my FAVORITE coffee dessert ever! I’m not sure why the reviews on tripadvisor was more of an average rating but I think it’s the service they got. Luckily, we didn’t had too much of a problem with that. Not exactly cheap but it was worth it. We’ve already saved so much for the day cause we were too busy on our bikes so we decided to have a better meal for all the hard physical work haha.

Brasserie du Jaloa
 Place Sainte-Catherine 5-7, B-1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.

I think I did a pretty good job editing this picture of E to give it a mysterious feel. So what happened was, back at the hotel, I was walking out of the toilet and caught a glimpse of E‘s reflection from the mirror in her body-hugging heat tech and black stockings. Reminded me of the ladies-of-the-night in Amsterdam by the window display haha. Voila! Can do business already… I’ll be pimping. *raise raise eyebrow*


I cannot believe I’ve taken so long to finish these trip entries. I’ve passed Christmas, New Year, Valentines day and now the Chinese New Year… I faint. But oh yes! The last bits finally! Re-visiting Paris. Till then.


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  • Yogi Saputro
    Posted at 20:39h, 17 March Reply

    This one has tons of photos. Take my browser couple minutes to load it all. But it’s all worth it.
    Ghent is so interesting in many aspects. You must have great time hunting them all.
    I just don’t understand one picture: why there are shoes hanging above street?

    • clashboomband
      Posted at 20:42h, 17 March Reply

      yes it was one of my favorite places by far! hehe to air the shoes… just kidding. Ghent is a place of universities so there’s like a lot of art installations here and there. that was one of it

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