Florence: A Day in Tuscany, Sienna (Day 10 & 11)

We woke up as early as 6 plus in the morning to catch our booked coach tour. Took the “walkabout” tour as recommended by tripadvisory and our tour guide, Stefano Sergio was a hilarious guy. Thankfully for that, the bus-ride was more entertaining.

florence-10-01florence-10-02 florence-10-03

Piazza del Campo, the square where the ground isn’t flat. Which actually made the view kinda nice while we sat by the ground overlooking the buildings, the tourist, the locals.

florence-10-07 florence-10-10

The alleys are narrow for sure. Sienna, a small town evidently shown by how casual and maybe a little vacant, without much locals roaming the streets. Mostly, tourist like us stopping at more significant buildings with their guides. I would imagine it to be quite scary at night with this small alleys. I don’t see much street lamps and even if i did, the lamps sure looked old.

The middle picture, one of my favorite picture i took in Sienna. The back of our tour guide walking towards the light. *Sings “laaaaa…..~” with falsetto*.


Amongst the places we visited, Sienna’s Duomo is quite fabulous. Actually more fabulous compared to the Leaning Pisa tower imo.

florence-10-20 florence-10-22 florence-10-21florence-10-25

It’s uniqueness of the black & white stripe marble pillars made the cathedral a great place to photograph. A lady guide explained why it was different from the other cathedrals and it made a whole lot of sense. It was made in such style to attract the Muslim religion to convert over. Interesting!

As you can see, I took tons of pictures of the interior. The design turned out so well on camera imagine seeing it with your own eyes. Fascinating seriously. Not sure why they like to have head sculptures looking down though, quite creepy.

florence-10-30 florence-10-37 florence-10-26 florence-10-32 florence-10-33

The Liberia Piccolominea, a library within the catheral was another crazy sight.  The room itself is like a book and stories were told from the walls & ceiling. Apparently no restorations were done and it still looked amazing after withstanding centuries. Unreal!!

Check out the size of the book. It was wtf huge.

Musical instruments like these really reminds me of Adam’s family kind of music.

florence-10-46 florence-10-45 florence-10-48 florence-10-47

Pre-brunch snack! A slice of pizza bigger than Eileen’s face.


Lunch was really not our cup of tea. The place however, a farm side restaurant is lovely. They served salamis which warranz eh we really don’t know how to appreciate and many slabs of cheese with a variety of red & white wine. So the only thing we could fill ourselves with was the penne bolognese pasta. Eat until sian really. I’m guessing why foreigners like Asian food is because we’re spoilt with choices. Europe, you see a stretch of cafeteria with the same menu.

florence-10-50 florence-10-51

In case you’re wondering what this is? Olive seeds.

florence-10-52 florence-10-55 florence-10-56 florence-10-57

THIS MUST FEEL #LIKEABOSS! I cannot imagine how powerful it is to chill by the edge of the pool, sipping a refreshing cuppa gassy coke and overlooking the hills & greenery. So badass! The owner haz a life!

Everyone knows i’m not into taking pictures of food nor flowers but since the atmosphere was refreshing, i was having the mood to go all 花痴. This shit happens sometimes.

The walk around town and having an award winning gelato, cute model-ish babies and dog owners walking their pets all in one place was a pleasant place to be .

florence-10-72 florence-10-74 florence-10-73

florence-10-83 florence-10-84

One of the 7 wonders, Leaning Tower of Pisa.

florence-10-85 florence-10-86 florence-10-87

The cheesy poses that people were posing around the leaning tower is as if you’re watching a bunch of people doing taichi in the morning on a field. Having said that, we are no exceptions hah. Somehow, it doesn’t seemed as crooked as it is in pictures. But when we made our way up? No joke. I felt a little dizzy.

8 poses to try when you’re at the Leaning Tower:

florence-10-96 florence-10-97 florence-10-100 florence-10-99 florence-10-98 florence-10-101

Europe is really a place of mysteries. Sometimes you get to see beautiful scenaries, next minute you’ll turn into a corner where it’s dark & creepy. Just like this carousel we run into on our way back to the accomodation.

florence-10-105 florence-10-103

Our dinner, as usual was simple and good.


We had the really yums seafood salad again the next day and thus explains this gross glutton picture of me savouring octopus lol. Ocean delights ok?


Since Florence was the 2nd last city of our Europe trip, we spent the last day in Florence chilling and did some shopping. The plan was to leave the shopping towards the end of our trip so we don’t overspend. And so we visited this place called “The mall”, luxury outlets which was quite highly recommended by our shopaholic friends and the internet. We took a bus and the queue was filled with the chinese. Mostly PRCs, some koreans and us… it didn’t felt like we were in Europe dafug.

florence_11_01 florence_11_02

Because the shopping queen finally gets to shop, see how happy she is with her jump shots?

florence_11_07florence_11_17florence_11_10 florence_11_09 florence_11_12 florence_11_11

florence_11_20 florence_11_19

Next up… Our last stop. Paris. Till then.

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