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I have a friend who has been asking me to show her some tips on how to dress better. She was asking me to go shop with her one day which we haven’t got around to do that. So I thought maybe just show her a visual list of items taken from various online stores for her to do some online shopping before we do any physical shopping. Of recent, I would at least either have snapbacks and caps as an essential piece. For mainly 3 good reasons. First, too lazy, hate sprays or gels. Second, once my helmet is on, my hair goes into rebond state. So flat, I don’t even bother so my snapbacks are the best. Third, the better looking object in replacement of a brolly.

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icon-angle-right Lapalette Didi Stripe Snapback  Women’s Cap, Zalora $67
icon-angle-right  White LA Skull Print Roller Fit T-Shirt, Topman $43

icon-angle-right  Ripped Skinny Jeans, Pull&Bear $69.90
icon-angle-right  Single Tone Canvas Plimsolls, Pull&Bear $59.90
icon-angle-right  J.O.A Knit Bomber Jacket, Urban Outfitters USD69
icon-angle-right  Chained Choker Necklace, Zalora $12.90
icon-angle-right  Drawstring Leather Backpack with Double Zip, ASOS $64.99
icon-angle-right  Assorted Accessories, Gypsy Warrior

But she really must be kidding when she ask me for fashion advice because my cupboard of clothes, basically I, myself get lost in the midst of picking out my attire. Especially at night. usually I’m not sure where I stopped at because it blends in the dark. If any bug crawled in, I would be so dead. Flipped my whole wardrobe once when I thought I saw a cockroach ran in which it didn’t. Been there, done that.. not funny. Maybe I need to pimp up my wardrobe with some techno-ish LED lights so it doesn’t look like I’m walking into a cemetery. Everytime I open my wardrobe, with a can of soda in my hand? Party time. Ok just kidding, not that exaggerated. Like the picture below will do.

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But don’t have so… back to reality.
Anyway, since she is aiming for a minimalist & androgynous style, I guess my picks could be of some contribution.

So I was doing up the list for her? I realized maybe I should just keep it for myself LOL. It’s like the making of a clone of myself or something. This is a good reason why I won’t make it as a stylist.. not versatile enough. I’ve always wanted to do a fashion essentials kind of post hence the above picture. It’s kind of fun, so I guess I’ll be doing this more often if time allows.

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