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Our 3 day 2 night stay to visit the Litchfield National Park. It is well-known for its' waterfalls and waterholes. This is definitely a hotspot to stop over for campervans.
A 5-hour drive finally brought us nearer to the place where we had planned, Uluru. But first, let us admire the "sister" mountain.
We visited the Emily & Jessie Gap, Simpsons Gap and trekked the Ormiston Gorge, which was the toughest climb of the entire trip.
Alice Springs Desert Park is a place especially great for parents to bring their kids to. We spent a few hours there because we're young at heart.
From pebbles to boulders, we visited The Pebbles and Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles).
Our FIRST EVER campervan experience was a new challenge for us, to be in a 4-berth campervan trip to Northern Territory Australia
Presenting to you my last post of our Australia Perth trip.... Rottnest Island! The island that I was looking very much forward to amongst all the places we had on our itinerary. According to the internet, Rottnest Island is one of the Islands where the world's happiest animals exist!
There’s really countless of amazing beaches in Australia and we’re not even done covering the whole of the west side. With the number of beaches we’ve covered, we can safely assume that most beaches are similarly beautiful.
It was some of our first horseriding experience at Jesters Flat, Margaret River and we really enjoyed it! Not much of a sunset golden light view because it was cloudy and drizzled for a short while but it was still an awesome experience.
We visited The Blow Hole, The Gap and Natural Bridge and the Wind Farm. Our roadtrip to Albany, Perth with rainbows and a stare-off competition with cows. Yas~
Hi, long time no see, my dear blog. I'm finally back with a post. Just realised the Australia Perth trip was already a year back and I'm finally starting to work on it. Thankfully, I've written down notes that I can refer back to. So here goes, my first Perth post!