Like finally, I'm down to the last post of our Paris trip. We bought a RER C line ticket to Château de Versailles, the palace we didn't visit the last time round to Europe. This time round we had too much time and apparently too little place on our itinerary haha. But we really did enjoy ourselves taking slow walks, drinking too much coffee, eating too much awesome cakes... as if we were living the parisian life. Which in turn, seemed like i managed to see more things. More time to let the eyes people watch and observe the surroundings. Not a bad thing.
On day 12 & 13, we basically roamed around Paris which we didn't had the luxury to do that on our first visit the previous year. Since the pictures are pretty much self-explanatory, I'll leave this post as a photo entry. Every single time I get down to editing pictures, I'll miss the times we spent there. Getting in the nostalgia mood much.
We were deceived by the weather. It was blue & sunny and we thought maybe we should just head to Jardin Du Luxembourg. Despite the weather, we took a nice and slow stroll in Luxembourg. I'm not sure if we would enjoy as much in summer so spending autumn in the gardens is not a bad idea. We get summer all year round in Singapore so this is easy, breezy beautiful. We took our time to truly appreciate and soak up the nature. Haven't done that like in donkey years.
The day I was looking forward to. We traveled to Ghent which I regret not heading over earlier. I was thinking if the bike tour of 2hrs could cover the 54 wall murals by various artist as stated by some guide online, we should be able to do that own time own target. But never did I expect the bike rental would have a deposit of 100 over euros for our 4 bikes in which per bike was only 7€. And we were only left with 5hrs usage and had to return by 6.30pm, the closing time. We had to do that otherwise we would have to return the next day to get back our deposit.. dang. And the most important thing we overlooked, we overestimated our physical self riding those bicycles.
We bought a half day tour to Zaanse Schans from the souvenir shop on our first night in Amsterdam which cost us 40 euros. The package included the visit to the windmills, the clog shoe making factory, a cruise ride from the market harbour to the cheese shop with a brief introduction and a lot of cheese tasting.
An inspiring day after the visit to 2 museums. Namely, The Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk contemporary museum. Took a walk along the canals and was rewarded with an awesome view near sunset and tried the pancakes that people raves about. Best day ever! #onlydaytwo
We arrived Amsterdam about noon 3pm and the first thing I noticed is the really well dressed commuters. About 70% of them were in jackets or coats and some guys with really neat combed hair probably styled with pomade, dressed in suit pants and leather shoes on a working day were real eye candies. So much so that I thought people in Amsterdam were better dressed than the ones I saw in Milan & Paris, ironically.