B*tch Better Have my Money


Yayo, yayo

Bitch better have my money!
Bitch better have my money!

Like brrap, brrap, brrap


Why so angst you ask? Because I should have known of something like ShopBack much earlier. I could have earned myself some moolah yayo! And because it’s such a great deal, I’ve decided to be the heroine and share this with my shopaholic friends.

I’ve recently signed up for an account just in time to give it a try. My bro is officially a free man now that he has served his resignation notice period. Since he knew nuts about using a computer or clueless on the wonders of internet, I did the dutiful thing of helping him book a 4D3N trip to Phuket Thailand with his credit card of course… lol. And the moolah goes into my pocket. *raise raise eyebrows* Even though it’s just 0.04cts now. Just think of the possible earnings.


Basically, it’s a site where you can enjoy deals and offers from like more than 300 over merchants in Singapore. If you’re like me, who likes to do online shopping on sites like Rakuten, Groupon, ZaloraASOS or even Redmart etc, please sign up already. Not only you get discounts but you’ll earn cash backs too! Dafuq seriously. Who doesn’t want to “earn” quick bucks without doing illegal stuff like kidnap ransom stuff Rihanna has it going on in her music video?

To save you, my friends from the trouble of reading up the how-to, here’s a 3 simple step guide so don’t say I share information without the details.


Still unclear? Watch the video below.


I believe when I cash out my earnings, instead of singing to Rihanna’s “bitch better have my money”, I’ll be waving my hands side to side in the air and smack that, clap, clap, clap to Beyoncé… “7/11”.

Now it’s your turn, save and go earn yourself some moolah.


[wc_button type=”primary” url=”http://www.shopback.sg/r/QOerj3″” title=”Visit Site” target=”_blank” position=”float”]SIGN UP HERE[/wc_button]


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