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It took me nearly 2 months, I feel really paiseh. The bride, a friend I made when I was freelancing in a local agency for 3 months asked if I could be her photographer during her ROM. Some would know that I will not make wedding photographer as a career path (provided if I was good enough), because I think wedding photographers involves alot of physical work. I’m lazy like that.


I reckon R ask me because of the instagram picture I took of her here. I should supposedly take some photos of the signing ceremony? I ended up trying to figure out the settings. Haven’t been shooting in awhile and I was so slow? The bride was sobbing while giving her speech, her close friends was tearing, I didn’t capture those moments, the signing nor the KISS! WTF much! Such a touching moment, I don’t know what I did really.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T to wedding photographers for withstanding the tedious hours, running places, shooting under the scorching sun and the responsibility to “capture the moment”.

So before I start burying my head into web projects again which almost immediately after, we’ll be flying off to Europe (Yay vacation!), I edited the pictures. Like finally! I’m appreciative that R didn’t chase my arse for it. I didn’t even manage to attend her wedding dinner because unfortunately I was down with everything. Flu, a really bad throat, cough and I missed out the Italian delicacy. Bummer!

But overall, I think I did take some nice photos so I hope that would compensate. *fingers crossed* So here goes… a few of my favourite main shots.




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