ACNH: Daisy Mae is here to stay!

If you’re an Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) player/fan, you will know who Daisy Mae is. But if you don’t and wondering who she is… she is a cute young boar character in the game that visits our islands every Sunday.

Daisy Mae is also the character that helped me get FILTHY RICH! I truly believe she’s like 95% responsible for the raise of millionaire and billionaire ACNH players. In short, she’s important… lol.

When I first started playing the game back in May last year during the lockdown. I “worked” really hard trying to earn money (in-game moolah) so that I could live a “luxury” life on my island not worrying about construction and renovation money woes. This sounds like some real life responsibilities haha.

So needless to say, Sundays were super precious! I had to wake up before noon to buy turnips from her (to sell later on for a higher profit).

I guess that’s how this cute character grew on me. So as a fan of Daisy Mae, I was inspired to create some sort of cross-stitch artwork of her.

And now, I no longer need to wait for Sundays to come around before I get to See Daisy Mae because, 1… I’m “rich” and 2… I stitched myself one!

For anyone who is also a fan of Daisy Mae or simply likes stitching (because it’s so therapeutic seeing the character build up), you can download this PDF I’ve put together. Sharing is caring~  Happy stitching!

picture for illustration purpose only

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