Bali: Rice Terrace & Royal Temple (Day 3)

We woke up earlier on Day 3 with a pre-arranged driver to visit the Jatiluwih rice terrace and Taman Ayun royal temple. Despite the wet weather, the rice terrace was quite a view. Can imagine when it’s less foggy, it would have been more breathtaking than what we witnessed. The road to the rice terrace was narrow and very very bumpy. So it will be advisable for anyone who has car sickness to pop a pill before you ride along.


A wefie with our friendly driver. We had to rely on A to interpret for us because his english was limited.


I’m totally amazed by the roots of this tree. Much texture like these provided cheap thrills for me… yeap.


Because of the rain, the field was really muddy but I insisted on heading down to check out the view and for some photo opportunity. My slippers were the worst because it was so slippery, the between of my toes were like having big time wedgie #awkwardmoments. Thankfully with the help of A & her boat size slippers, we made it down. But not too far away lol. It was there and then when I realised my pair of slippers have been with me for like donkey years and the rubber sole were as smooth as a baby’s butt cheeks. I was violently asked to throw those away and get new ones on the day itself.

photo credit: courtesy of E.

See how helpless A look in the picture above while the 2 buddies were chilling below.. haha.


Initially, I wanted to pay a visit to the floating temple which was one of the attractions but because of the bad weather, the driver mentioned that I might just be disappointed. So we scrapped the idea and went to the Taman Ayun royal temple instead. It was a small temple and wouldn’t take you more than half an hour to be honest. The pine tree lookalike multi-layered temples was quite nice la. Be sure to bring mosquito repellents though.


This spider looked so poisonous, I’m curious! Tried Mr G, but it didn’t help cure my curiosity. I was so afraid it was going to pounce on me because I had to zoom in myself to get a shot. If anyone has any idea what this spider is, do let me know. In the meantime, I shall ask Tobias. Mr Tobias has cured my curiosity. This spidey is a known as the banana spider, a harmless orb weaver. Official name: Argiope appensa. Check out his answer here!


Ending the post with a spa looking picture with a delicate looking cat and a flower which, was exactly what we did in the late evening.

Stay tuned… for a really heavy post of our last day in Bali (Day 4) soon.

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